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NCVS Is Putting a Spell On You

We Love Festivals. Yes, We Do. We Love Festivals. How About You?

Getting to New Orleans early? Planning to stay the weekend after?

Fortunately for you, NCVS falls right in the middle of two consecutive weekends of great NOLA festivals. No, it's not Mardi Gras the Redux, but you'll still be spending plenty of time in the French Quarter.

Daily Point of Light #4517 Charles Rubio

Give an Hour Lyman Ward Military Academy, a small military boarding school for students from sixth grade through twelve, is twenty minutes away.

Optimize Technology and Media

This year at NCVS, session content is organized across a series of issue areas so that attendees can tailor their schedules to meet their learning and networking needs.

Fire up your smart phone, start thinking in 140 characters and check out all of the sessions associated with...

Optimizing Technology and Media

HandsOn Connect Technology Tour
Monday, June 6, 2011 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Session ID: 5007

Daily Points of Light #4516 First United Methodist Church of Bunnell

One Sunday in the winter of 2008-2009, Carla Traister walked into church and noticed the evidence of a few homeless people sleeping on the steps. Filled with compassion for them, she began to leave food for them.

Helping Military Families Is As Easy As ...

Everyone has a role to play in supporting military families – not just their friends and neighbors. Employers, educators, community leaders, government leaders and health care professionals can all help support military families in unique ways. Here are some of them.

HandsOn Network Excitement at NCVS!

by Gary Renville, Vice President for Affiliate Advancement, HandsOn Network

Take Your Organization to Another Level: Be OUTRAGEOUS!

by Shawn Anderson, NCVS Speaker

I believe the great majority of us would love to know that our lives matter.

Leveraging Partnerships at NCVS!

This year at NCVS, session content is organized across a series of issue areas so that attendees can tailor their schedules to meet their learning and networking needs.

Check out all the sessions associated with Leveraging Partnerships!

Baby Boomers and Service: Understanding Their World

by Jill Friedman Fixler, NCVS Speaker

Daily Point of Light #4515 Alayna Charpentier

Alayna Charpentier is a very special girl; in spite of her academic load and participation on sports teams she finds time to volunteer at the Wayside House every week and at church every single Sunday.

The Wayside House is a great place that helps low-income women overcome addiction and mental illness. It is a place that empowers women to recover sobriety, identity, family, home and community by providing treatment, housing and supportive services.

Join us for the 2011 Business Track!

by Jason Scott, Corporation for National & Community Service

Forum Preview: Citizen Solutions for Economic Empowerment

On Tuesday, June 7th at 2:00 p.m. there are six amazing conference forums for you to choose from.

One f them is: Citizen Solutions for Economic Empowerment, a forum focused on economic recovery.

The session will focus on advancing economic opportunities in under-resourced communities as this is a constant challenge.

Daily Point of Light #4514 Lana Whitehead

Throughout her life, today’s Daily Point of Light has connected her passion and skills with her community’s needs.  Not only did SWIMkids USA President and Owner, Lana Whitehead, start an organization in 1971 that

My Top 6 NCVS Session Picks

The Importance of Service and Leadership Development

Leading up to the National Conference on Volunteering and Service in less than two weeks there will be many civic discussions about all things related to volunteering. 

The Good Food Paradox

by Melissa Norris, Peggy Berry & Susan Danish, NCVS Speakers

Books and Beignets? Yes, Please!

What better to pair with mouthwa

HandsOn Tech: New AmeriCorps Positions to Support Effective Use of Technology for Nonprofits

As we conclude the 2011 celebration week of AmeriCorps service honoring past and present AmeriCorps members, HandsOn Network has partnered with Google to create HandsOn Tech, enabling 24 new AmeriCorps*VISTA positions.

Daily Point of Light #4511 Allison Deegan

Allison Deegan of WriteGirl helps girls write their way to more positive futures

Reserve Your Seat Now for the Closing General Session

The entire Gulf region has become a laboratory for social innovation in areas reaching far beyond disaster recovery.

PARADE Magazine All-America High School Service Team

Matthew McConaughey with 2010 Service Team Winners: Jessica Markowitz and David Sanchez

Disaster Management at NCVS!

This year at NCVS, session content is organized across a series of issue areas so that attendees can tailor their schedules to meet their learning and networking needs.

Check out all the sessions associated with...

Disaster Management

Public Participation in the Wake of Disaster

What’s Your Story?

by Tara Greco, Vice President, APC

Shaping Rural Communities Through Innovative Partnerships

by Jenna Fehr, Office of Surface Mining/AmeriCorps VISTA, OSM/VISTA Teams

Belief, Energy and Time…. a Powerful Combination for Change

by Shawn Anderson, NCVS Speaker

As I travel the U.S. speaking...and then meeting and listening to people message is clear:

Life is not easy!

In Santa Fe, New Mexico, a woman who had just been diagnosed with cancer told me: "I feel I don't have long to live and just want to give up. Now I am mad at all the things I didn't do when I had a chance."

My AmeriCorps Service Established My Career

Today’s guest post is written by Sara Haas, whose AmeriCorps service as a Promise Fellow from 2003-2004 launched her career in the nonprofit world where she continues to work in roles that support Americorps programs.

Registration Notes

Have you registered for the sessions you want to attend at NCVS?

AmeriCorps is a Life Shaping Experience

Today’s guest post is written by Melissa Grober-Morrow, who served as an AmeriCorps VISTA in Chicago directly after college, and is currently the Director of Strategic P

NCVS Gives Back in New Orleans

Get Ready to Volunteer in the Big Easy!

At the 2011 National Conference on Volunteering and Service, we are committed to supporting the restoration of public spaces that are so much a part of the identity of the city and are a central convening place for community residents.

Joining Americorps to Effectuate Change

Today's guest post is written by Kimberly Walker, who highlights how serving in Americorps changed her life.  She is currently the Evaluation & Performance Measurement Manager at Points of Light Institute.

Become an Effective Change Agent: The Moment is Now!

by Jill Friedman Fixler, NCVS Speaker

How I Found Myself In AmeriCorps

During Americorps Week we are highlighting some of our staff, who are Points of Lights themselves, who have served as Americorps members.

A Collegiate Commitment to Community Service

By Samantha Jo Warfield
This post originally ran on the National Service Blog at May 12, 2011

Colleges across the country are preparing to honor their graduates but six schools have yet another reason to celebrate – they’ve just received Presidential Awards in the 2010 President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll.

Americorps Week May 14th-21st

This past Saturday, May 14th was the start of Americorps Week.

Interactive Strategy Will Blow Your Mind!

On Tuesday, June 7th, at 2:00 p.m., anyone attending the National Conference on Volunteering and Service will make a tough decision because there are several really amazing conference forums taking place that afternoon.

6 Tips to be A Networking All Star At NCVS

Conferences are great times to meet and learn from your peers. A conference isn’t just days of sessions and learning, though. Dinners and lunches with people you’ve just met, and forging new partnerships and friendships are a part of conference too.

How can you make meeting people easier? Here’s a few tips:

Technology as a Lever for Social Change

On April 21st and 22nd we brought together a select group of tech innovators and nonprofit leaders on St.

How to be a Rock Star at NCVS

The 2011 National Conference on Service & Volunteering (NCVS) is nearly here!

It will be held June 6th – 8th in New Orleans – The Big Easy!

Thanks to social media, there are lots of ways you can participate online – whether you’re there or not!

Daily Point of Light #4504 Rodney Cruise

The challenge of financial support in trying economic times is a common one for local non-profits.

The Road to the Gulf – Conference 2011

To gear up for the National Conference on Volunteering and Service in New Orleans this June, we have established a civic pathway through the U.S.

iRecognize Volunteers – Free Mobile Application!!

Throughout the past two months we have been highlighting volunteer work showcased at the Tribute event and during National Volunteer W

Daily Point of Light #4500 AARP Tax-Aide team

Millions of Americans feel a sense of angst leading into tax season each spring.

A Passion For Volunteering Stems from Her Mother's Influence

Today's post is written by Saumya Arya Haas, the Director of Headwaters/Delta Interfaith,  an advisor to organizations such as The New Orlean

Daily Point of Light #4499 Annette Hart

Annette Hart reminds us that we have something to give no matter our age or background.  At over 70 years in age,  Annette has boundless energy and a deep commitment for helping others.  She has been avidly in

Daily Point of Light #4498 Joan Rubin-Deutsch

Joan worked with the women for a total of five sessions.

Daily Point of Light #4497 Zachary Certner

When I was very young a family friend was diagnosed with autism, and over the years our relationship made me aware of the difficulties they were to face.  My brother and I also learned that traditional methods of inclusion have not met the needs of autistic children or their families.  With this in mind, my brother and I started a sports clinic for children with special needs in our community five years ago.

Mission Fish joins eBay

Points of Light Institute’s Civic Incubator strategy of finding great ideas, nurturing them to scale and sending them out to change the world has reached a milestone. After eight years and more than $241 million raised for nonprofits in the U.S. and U.K., MissionFish, a Points of Light Institute business unit that allows people to use their purchasing power to direct contributions to their favorite charity through eBay Giving Works, is joining eBay.

Getting started in social media? Enlist your supporters!

Today's post comes from J.D. Lasica, Founder, is a great resource for nonprofits using social media for social good. NCVS is delighted that J.D.

Daily Point of Light #4496 Marlene Ellis

Marlene Ellis is from Arlington, VA and volunteers to relieve hunger.  She has volunteered with AARP for 6 years and has found it to be a very rewarding experience.