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How Volunteering Broke a Veteran’s `Vicious Cycle of Hate'

I found the pride I felt when serving others was the same pride I felt by defending others. Suddenly, almost overnight, my sense of self was restored, my identity renewed. This, my friends, is the answer that many of our vets are seeking.

In These Divisive Times, What Can Bring Us Together?

Uniting in volunteer service can be about setting aside ideological differences and finding common ground to solve community problems. It can be about stuffing a tote bag with desperately needed supplies and saying, “We’re here to help.” And sometimes it’s both.

Using Trees to Create Budding Volunteers

Amir Omar has passionately addressed a number of community needs, from fighting cancer to providing food for the less fortunate. Now he's turning to trees to beautify Richardson, Texas, and improve the community's air quality.

One America Blows Into the Windy City to Honor Teachers

After honoring former Chicago Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood and his wife, Sarah, this morning for their commitment to the city’s children, volunteers gathered in Chicago to help some other local heroes: teachers.

Points of Light Honors Former Chicago Cubs Pitcher Kerry Wood and His Wife, Sarah, with a Daily Point of Light Award

The Woods are working through their foundation to give back to the city that has meant so much to them and their children. For their commitment to Chicago's children, they are today's Daily Points of Light Award winners.

Three Things You Can Do Right Now to Help Colorado Flood Victims

Colorado is one of those states where collaboration and cooperation matter a great deal. We have small communities with limited capacity to manage large scale disasters. Together, we’re stronger.

On 9/11, Remembering the Fallen and Those Needing a Hand Up

As Americans across the country honored the victims of 9/11 last week through volunteer service, Exelis employees deployed across the Washington, D.C., area during three simultaneous events to remember the thousands of military men and women who have sacrificed their lives since the terror attack and to help those who have returned.

How Spare Change Led to Saving Lives

Upon seeing photographs of entire communities without access to drinkable water, Carter Jimenez Jenkins – an eighth grader at the time – set out to help, founding Students for Safe Water.

When It Comes to Service, Neil Bush Says, the United States Stands Out

Last week, President Obama explained what makes America “exceptional.” A few days later, Russian President Vladimir Putin called it “extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation." That riled Points of Light Chair Neil Bush, whose response was published by this afternoon.

Civic Accelerator Moves Toward Serving More Neighbors – Maybe You got some national attention for its success in the recent Points of Light Civic Accelerator and its innovative idea that could soon have you sparking civic projects in your community.

One Way You Can Help Make Sure Your Kid Keeps Learning

Even missing a few days of school can affect your child’s ability to learn and stay in school. You can help limit the number of school days your children miss by making attendance a priority. Join Points of Light as we recognize Attendance Awareness Month.

Do Good on 9/11: Volunteer

Today, the 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance, Americans across the country are reclaiming the legacy of 9/11 by doing good in their communities through volunteer service. Won’t you join them?

One America Tour Brings New Yorkers Together to Help Hurricane Sandy Victims

In the bright sun this afternoon, volunteers from New York Cares and Chase spread across the New York area to help rebuild five homes damaged by Hurricane Sandy. The rebuilding projects were part of the New York stop of One America, a tour led by Points of Light and Chase that aims to bring together unlikely pairs in politics, entertainment and sports to inspire Americans to unite in volunteer service.

Points of Light Honors Giants Player Victor Cruz with a Daily Point of Light Award

Millions of NFL fans know Victor Cruz as a record-setting wide receiver for the New York Giants. To young people throughout the New York area, Cruz is something more important: a genuine local hero.

When Frenemies Agree: Service Unites Us All

What can make Donna Brazile dance joyously with Karl Rove and Bill O’Reilly agree with Jon Stewart? If we put aside our differences and come together, we can actually make a difference. This is the power that One America, a new campaign led by Points of Light and JPMorgan Chase & Co., aims to harness.

The Most Important Shopping List You’ll Make This Weekend

A flashlight with extra batteries. A first-aid kit. A three-day supply of water. Add these items – and a few others -- to your weekend shopping list, and you’ll be taking a big step toward helping your family be more prepared should a disaster.

Nonprofits: Need Some Tech Help?

HandsOn Tech – a program developed by Points of Light and Google, with support from AmeriCorps VISTA – helps develop the nonprofit sector’s use of technology to improve outcomes for people in eight low-income communities in the U.S.

Meet Cabot Community Celebrity Marisa Thomas and Nominate a Special Volunteer for the Cabot Honor

For Marisa Thomas, volunteering with at-risk kids is more than a way to give back, it’s her life’s work. “As an adopted child myself, I understand what kids in foster care are longing for,” Thomas says. Nominate a volunteer in your community to be a Cabot Community Celebrity like Thomas and honored on a Caribbean cruise.

Growing a Forest and a New Generation of Nature Lovers

After a fire ravaged a forest near his community of Grants Pass, Ore., in 1988, longtime volunteer Ross Roe had a moment of inspiration. Why not recruit Boy Scouts to help replant the trees? The youngsters would learn the fundamentals of tree planting, and the forest would benefit from the good deed.