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A Nigerian Girl With a Faulty Heart Brought Our Company Together

Our company found its purpose in the form of Confidence: a five-year-old girl from Benin City, Nigeria, who needed life-saving heart surgery. It’s easy to feel like our daily workplace tasks don’t have a purpose beyond profit creation. That’s why our experience with Confidence was motivating. We saw the kind of results that the revenue we generate can create.

What Is it About Disaster That Brings Out the Best in People?

This week’s rare snowfall in Atlanta triggered a massive traffic jam, the kind that only happens when more than 1 million people rush home at the exact same time. Abandoned cars and stranded motorists created an impossible crisis, the scale of which even hundreds of tons of sand, fast and coordinated government action, and the National Guard couldn't match. But people could.

Find Volunteer Projects Near You in Seconds

What moves you? Preserving the environment? Tutoring children struggling in school? Caring for abandoned pets? At you can enter your interests, keywords and zip code and in a couple of seconds have a tailor-made list of volunteer opportunities, just for you.

Helping Kids They’ve Never Met

As Hilton Bogotá volunteers planted pine trees, repaired a basketball court, painted picnic tables and more at the nonprofit school Fundación Colegio Nueva Granada during a school day, they had an eager audience.The activities show how Hilton Worldwide brings their employees together to serve the communities in which they live, work and raise their families.

What Do You See in This Familiar Face?

Look closely. In this portrait of Martin Luther King, Jr., you'll see the images of dedicdated volunteers and Veteran Leader Corps members helping out at various volunteer service projects for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service and Remembrance.

How This Runner Gets Girls' Hearts Pumping and Self-Esteem Soaring

Running had long been the sole activity that brought Molly Barker peace, and it was the inspiration for Girls on the Run, a volunteer organization Barker founded in 1996. Girls on the Run helps girls discover their inner strengths and cultivate self-respect.

Here's What Happens When Companies Make Community Service Business as Usual

With all of these inspiring examples of Civic 50 companies stepping up to meet the needs of their communities through their community involvement programs, we are beginning to see how many in the business community are moving away from a “social responsibility” mindset where social issues are at the periphery of business, to one where they are closer to the core of business strategy.

Just Call Her `The Motivator’

The child of Mexican immigrants, Yolanda Romero grew up in Lubbock, Texas, in the segregated South. As a child in the 1950s, she saw signs throughout the city that read, “No dogs and no Mexicans allowed.” For 24 years, as a teacher at North Lake College in Irving, Texas, Romero has spent her career, in her words, “trying to stay close to my roots and give back.”

How Did You Celebrate MLK Day?

Enjoying a sunny, spring-like day in Washington, D.C., today, public figures, veterans, students and families gathered at Dunbar High School – the country’s first public high school for black students – to transform Martin Luther King, Jr.’s message of unity and community into hands-on volunteer service.

Why MLK Day Is More Than a Holiday for This Family

To celebrate the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service, Christine Wright and her daughter, Melanie Stevenson, will continue a family tradition they started more than a decade ago – three generations volunteering together.

What Is it That You Want From Life?

On Monday, our nation will celebrate the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service and Remembrance. As we reflect on Dr. King’s life, his enduring messages and his transformational impact on our world, his prophetic call to action seems as timely and powerful as ever: “Life’s most persistent and urgent question,” he said, “is what are you doing for others?”

Here’s How to Find Volunteer Opportunities – When You Want, Where You Want

Let’s say you love animals and want to volunteer your time helping abandoned pets in your community. Or, you’re looking for a way to give back this holiday weekend, to recognize the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service. In seconds you can have a list of options, as The Huffington Post reports in “13 Websites That Will Match You With The Perfect Opportunity To Make A Difference.”

How a Boy With Down Syndrome Moved His Mom to Build a Community – Set to Music

Inspired by her youngest son Mathew, who has Down syndrome – and who loved practicing dance moves from a young age – Mary Ramirez Cook launched a free dance class for students with Down syndrome. The course has become so popular that Cook has 40 students enrolled, from age 12 to 62, and many more on a waiting list.

Serving the Greater Good Without Going Out of Business

One of the most common questions we receive here at OpportunitySpace after we explain what we do is, “Wait, are you a for-profit or a nonprofit?” – promptly followed by, “For profit? But how do you make money?”

89-Year-Old Volunteer Firefighter Celebrates His Longevity

The Monday before Christmas, 89-year-old volunteer firefighter Landon Reid Worsham and his crew saved part of a family’s house from flames. It was all in a day’s work – one of many. Worsham has been battling blazes for 60 years.

Here’s a Fun Way to Get Your Kids Excited About the MLK Day of Service

Through art, your kids can share Martin Luther King, Jr.’s message of hope – and win a Samsung tablet in the process.

A Teen Sees Kids in Need and Asks, `How Could You Not Do Something About It?’

Starting his freshman year of high school, Luke Donovan of Alpharetta, Ga., learned that with winter approaching, the students at a local elementary school needed warm clothing. So he founded the Warm Clothing Drive, collecting nearly 2,000 items in less than two years.