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Help a Charity Win $10,000 With Two Clicks

They’ve fed hungry families; brought toys to kids who had no gifts to open on Christmas; given shoes to homeless kids; donated books to schools, foster programs and shelters; and assembled toiletries and clothes for victims of domestic violence. Which group will you help win $10,000?

When Schools and Businesses Collaborate, Students Win

One of the most important trends in education this year will be how the business community continues to act on its desire to support our public schools. But it takes much more than the willingness to volunteer to make a difference.

Not Your Usual Sunday Supper

America’s Sunday Suppers – inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr.’s vision of people from diverse backgrounds interacting on personal levels – encourage people to share a meal and discuss issues that affect their communities. The events often happen around MLK Day, but you can hold them any time of the year for groups big and small to promote volunteer service.

Through Song and Dance, This Teen Helps Orphans in Zambia

When ninth-grader Abigail Moorhead went to Zambia in 2011 she was excited to hang out with children halfway around the world; she had no idea how much of a lasting impact the children would have on her life.

Veterans: Make the Most of Your Skills as a Civilian Professional

Are you a veteran wondering how to apply your leadership skills to the civilian workforce? Consider the Leveraging Military Leadership Program, a four-month, competitive program designed to help veterans get ahead in their post-military careers.

See How This Boss Motivates His Workers to Volunteer

Self-made businessman Dave Lindsey has motivated thousands of his workers and their families to take part in international community service projects – and thousands more from other companies to serve their own communities.

An America That Asks: 'Where Will You Do Your Service Year?'

Imagine if one day soon in our country, when a young person turns 18 the most common question they are asked is: "Where will you do your service year?" And they enthusiastically respond: "The Army. AmeriCorps. The Navy. The Peace Corps." After this week, they will be able to add Tufts University, thanks to its groundbreaking new "1+4" initiative.

A Volunteer Moment Turned Into a Life’s Calling, and She’s Only 16

While many 16-year-olds are focused on getting a driver’s license and surviving high school, Grace O’Brien is focused on serving others – helping deaf children in developing countries hear.

Uprooted From Her Home, This Girl Took Her Volunteering International

I didn’t want to move to Germany. When I got to my new school, I had trouble making new friends. It was really hard moving, but I got used to it and now I have met new friends and am happy again. And I quickly found places to volunteer.

What Happened When a Farmer Outgrew His Turnip Truck

Three years ago, in his early 80s, Jim Boulet was nearly killed in a car accident. His recovery was long and painful, and he still walks with pins in his legs. He says that when his health and vitality returned, he was inspired to give back.

Worlds Away, but Our Goals Are the Same

The strike against political corruption in Brazil last June illuminated a desire among Brazilians for change, including ways to improve the lives of ordinary citizens. Volunteering is a novel approach to create better public services through citizen involvement, and Atados is an answer to the growing demand for volunteer opportunities in Brazil.

Building a Startup for the Greater Good? Here's a Hot Place for Entrepreneurs

When we think of entrepreneurial hubs, naturally we think of San Francisco and Silicon Valley. In our ever-flattening world, however, it is no surprise that the entrepreneurial landscape is rapidly changing and other lesser-known hubs are popping up all over the United States.

Shunning Partying to Volunteer, This Couple Fell in Love With Service and Each Other

Love can come from some pretty unlikely places. For Laura and Michael Magevney that place was volunteering on alternative break trips during their time together at Vanderbilt University. Many years – and four kids – later, the Magevneys are the winners of Points of Light’s first Love & Service Valentine’s Day contest.

Since Age 7, This Teen Has Been Clearing Pathways for Kids With Disabilities

Know a kid or teen making difference through community service? Nominate him or her today for a Hasbro Community Action Hero Award, brought to you by Hasbro Children’s Fund and generationOn. Today we hear from Stephanie Jennis, a 2013 awardee.

A Storyteller Uses Her Skills to Help the Hungry and More

Jasmine Youssefzadeh had a passion for storytelling, and she knew she wanted to incorporate that passion into a business that was dedicated to creating social good. She eventually founded filmanthropos, a creative agency that specializes in storytelling for causes, nonprofits and corporate social responsibility programs.

A Young Olympian and Volunteer at Heart

In Sochi, he's an Olympian. Back home in Highland Park, Ill., he's a volunteer. Jason Brown – who at age 19 is the youngest American men’s skater to qualify for the Olympics in nearly 40 years – participates in service projects through Chicago Cares.

A Teen Hero Brings the Gift of Water to the Developing World

Know a kid or teen making difference through community service? Nominate him or her today for a Hasbro Community Action Hero Award, brought to you by Hasbro Children’s Fund and generationOn. Today we hear from Carter Jimenez Jenkins, a 2013 awardee.

Use Hospitality to Better Serve Your Community With These Free Tools

If you work at an organization serving people who are vulnerable, helping your clients feel comfortable and at ease can help you serve them better. The challenge is figuring out how. We urge you to take advantage of Hospitality + Service – a new, free set of training guides.

A Great Opportunity for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Do the World Good

So you are a social entrepreneur with a civic-minded startup who wants to make a difference in the world. You have an innovative solution that gets to the root of a social issue, but are overwhelmed by the crowded field of startups. Enter the Points of Light Civic Accelerator.

How Service Can Lead to Smooches

Check out how Arizona Serve founder Margaret Garvey found love through AmeriCorps, and if you have your own service love story, enter Points of Light's Love & Service Valentine’s Day Contest for a chance to win Valentine's Day dinner on us.

Help a Young Volunteer Win a $1,000 Scholarship

Do you know a young person who would make a good candidate for this year’s Hasbro Community Action Hero Award? The award recognizes outstanding young volunteers who show that you are never too young to make a difference.

Free Time Put to Good Use

In 2009, Bill Muckerman, a sales executive from Mooresville, N.C., decided he wanted to devote some of his free time to volunteer work. He approached the community service organization Hands On Charlotte and since then has become one of its star volunteers, having logged more than 500 volunteer hours.

Are Vets Selfish? Let’s Debunk that Myth

If you are part of a military family, voice your concerns when the 2014 Blue Star Families Military Family Lifestyle Survey launches in the coming weeks. Put your thoughts together – think about the realities of our lives, our challenges, our interactions with our kids and their schooling and mental well-being.

Flowers, Chocolate and Volunteering?

Volunteering isn’t just good for your community – it’s good for your heart. For Points of Light's first Love & Service Valentine’s Day Contest, couples from across the country are sharing how volunteering brought them together. Tell us your story for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate for Valentine's Day dinner.

Join Actor Tyler Perry and 5,000 Others to Change Lives

Here’s your chance to come together with filmmaker, actor and philanthropist Tyler Perry and 5,000 others with a single mission – to strengthen communities and change lives through volunteer service. Registration is now open for the Conference on Volunteering and Service, June 16-18, 2014, in Atlanta!