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Get the Skinny on Employee Volunteerism From the People Who Know

Are you an employee volunteer manager, corporate social responsibility professional, corporate foundation leader or a nonprofit leader who wants to help your corporate sponsors take your volunteer service programs to the next level? Come hear from a range of voices in the field – including Jean Oelwang, CEO of Virgin Unite; Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees; and Kweku Mandela, the grandson of Nelson Mandela – at the Points of Light Conference on Volunteering and Service in Atlanta June 16 - 18.

In the Air, on the Ground and Getting Things Done for Communities in Need

When Hurricane Sandy pulverized parts of the East Coast in 2012, Bill Bonneau found himself in a unique position. As manager of station operations for FedEx Express, he could help deliver relief supplies throughout New York. For Bonneau and his colleagues, volunteerism is part of the FedEx culture.

Would You Know What to Do if a Fire, Tornado or Other Disaster Was Headed for You?

On a sunny day last June while having lunch with friends, Deanne Ladefoged got word through a cell phone text that she needed to return home – immediately. The fire that had erupted that day in Black Forest, a heavily wooded rural community northeast of Colorado Springs, Colo., was headed for her home. The lesson: Be prepared.

Dentist Gives Patients Who Can’t Pay a Reason to Smile

A dentist for roughly four decades, David Black had skills his community needed. So when he got the call from the Virginia Dental Association to help run large free clinics in Roanoke, Va., he knew he could help.

Consider This on Memorial Day and Every Day

On Memorial Day, as the nation faces controversies over the care of veterans, Points of Light is proud to laud those like 13-year-old My’Kah Knowlin, who strive to be part of the solution. And year-round at Points of Light, we mobilize volunteers to improve the lives of veterans, those still serving and their families.

A Memorial Day Challenge – Will You Accept?

I challenge everyone that reads this to grab a box and some friends this Memorial Day and fill the box with items you know you would want if you were away from home. You can take the box to a military base near you and ask that it be given to a family that may be struggling or a Veterans’ hospital.

Tragic End for Mother and Daughter Gives Rise to Memories of the Good They Had Done

Tami Willadsen and her 10-year-old daughter, Jess, both killed in a house fire last month, left a legacy of passion and kindness in their Georgia community.

99,000 Reasons Why Volunteering Gratified This Finance Guy

After retiring from a 28-year career as a financial manager with Chrysler Corp., Howard Baron wanted to give back to the Detroit community. A finance expert, Baron started volunteering last year as a tax preparer for the Accounting Aid Society, which provides free tax help to low- and middle-income families in southeast Michigan.

When Frustrations Melt Away, Uncovering the Good

I work directly in two elementary schools, places I haven’t spent a significant amount of time in since I was actually in elementary school myself. I’ve been helping to coordinate the after-school programs. But mostly, I’ve found I’ve been doing a lot of listening.

This Could Be One of Your Best Days Ever

Want to join us at the Conference on Volunteering and Service in Atlanta next month, but only have a day or two? We’re now offering one- and two-day rates. Review these special offers and register today for the experience that fits your schedule and interests. Depending on which day or days you pick, you’ll hear from Chelsea Clinton, Tyler Perry, Bernice King, Sugarland’s Kristian Bush and many more.

This Nurse Heals With Taffeta and Satin

Columbus, Neb., is a small city where, for young people, the largest social event of the year is the high school prom. It’s also a city with high poverty rates, and each year hundreds of girls pass on going to the prom because of the cost of formal dresses. In 2007, Jean Kamrath, a nurse at Columbus High School, started working to break down this social barrier by creating Closet Extravaganza, a program that provides free prom dresses to girls who can't afford them.

Five Lessons Volunteering Taught My Family

When my daughter was very young, we visited my grandmother on Fridays. After my grandmother passed away, Fridays felt lonely to us so we spent time delivering Meals on Wheels to residents of a senior living facility. Now I have two more children, and my toddler is on the verge of obtaining a driver’s license. As my children have grown, I recognize that many of our most memorable experiences have been the times we have spent volunteering in our community.

Finding New Ways to Solve Old Problems

With new approaches, the 14 startups participating in the spring 2014 Points of Light Civic Accelerator are addressing some of society’s greatest challenges, including homelessness, hunger and access to education. See how.

Everyone Wins in This Workers' Competition

At more than 1.4 million free health screening clinics in 120 countries, the Special Olympics Healthy Athletes program offers health services and information to athletes in need. Volunteers make this work possible. In Arizona, a group of Aetna employees made it their mission to help the Special Olympics screen athletes in their own community – demonstrating a longtime company commitment to help all people live healthy lives.

Meet These Heroes, and Create the Next Generation

At age 5, Illinois’ Kellon Oldenettel has already tapped into his power to spark change. Kellon’s story shows that kids are never too young to serve – and to lead. They bring fresh perspective, new tactics and renewed energy to the world of volunteer service. They create real change, and while they’re at it, they inspire their friends and the rest of us to join them.

Will You Help Nonprofits Get $5 Billion Worth of This?

At A Billion + Change, we're grateful to our community of more than 500 companies that have already pledged skills-based and pro bono service, helping us deliver more than $2 billion worth of skilled service to help nonprofits address critical community needs. We've got a new goal of inspiring 5,000 companies to do skills-based and pro bono service – translated into mobilizing $5 billion worth of pro bono service – by 2015.

Get a Jump on Your Career by Helping Others Get a Jump on Theirs

Here’s your chance to find out what 830,000 AmeriCorps members have already learned: AmeriCorps is a great way to serve others, while learning a lot about yourself and the strengths that can propel you into a meaningful career.

Superheroes Like You’ve Never Seen

Kids love superheroes. Whether it’s the kind they read about in comic books or watch on the big screen, the action figures that they play with or the parents and role models in their life that they emulate, these superheroes inspire kids and activate their imagination. The reality is that from Huntington Beach, Calif., to Lincoln, Neb., to Duluth, Ga., there are kids who are superheroes themselves.

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden Listened – Will You?

To an audience that included First Lady Michelle Obama and the vice president's wife Jill Biden, Points of Light's President of Programs Delores Morton illustrated how volunteers have changed veterans' lives.

This Story Will Make You Want to Dig Out Your Old Eyeglasses

After breaking his glasses in 2010, Yash Gupta realized while waiting a week for a new pair that it was almost impossible to learn anything in his high school classes without being about to see clearly. Upon discovering that tens of millions of school-age children worldwide need glasses but can’t afford them, Gupta decided he wanted to help.

Can You Still Answer This Driving Test Question?

AARP Safe Driver instructor Harold Sterling has a question for you. “When I speak in public, I always tell audiences that if they can answer one question correctly, they don’t need to take my course,” says Sterling. “The question is: ‘What’s the difference between yellow lines and white lines on a highway?’”

Do Your Kids Have This Crucial Ingredient for Learning to Read?

When I was a little girl, my favorite time of day was story time. After I got ready for bed, I would pick out one of my favorite books. My mother would then read aloud as I listened and drifted off to sleep, cocooned in stories of dragons and princesses and children who would not eat their vegetables. But for many children, there is no story time. You can help.

She Grabbed What She Could and Got Out

As Izola Nichols stood in her house, floodwater rising up her calves, she remembered the words she heard during a preparedness training session two weeks prior: "Grab your medicines and prescriptions. Get your purse and passwords. Grab your evacuation kit and a change of clothes. And get out!"