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They Taught Kids What it’s Like to Be Homeless – What Will You Teach Your Volunteers?

Want volunteers who are more connected to your organization and the people you serve? One way is to develop a range of interactive experiences for volunteers to participate in before serving your organization. Our church took a group of elementary school children and created an entire summer of activities to develop empathy for others. Many of these activities would work for teens and adults as well.

Prototyping a Social Movement

Points of Light is helping to connect the volunteer skills, talent, leadership, innovation and compassion of GE employees to the development of the power-sector workforce and the growing number of tech manufacturing entrepreneurs in Nigeria. See how.

Three Civil Rights Icons – One Stage

The Rev. C.T. Vivian had been on the buses with the freedom riders, protesting segregation at interstate bus terminals. U.S. Rep. John Lewis had been beaten after crossing a bridge in Selma, Ala., during a march for voting rights. Ambassador Andrew Young, an adviser to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was in Memphis with Dr. King when he was shot. The three civil rights leaders came together recently to discuss what volunteers can learn from the civil rights movement.

`In Case There’s an Act of G.O.D. – Get Out of Dodge – I’m Ready’

As a girl, Emily Johnson and her family had to outrun two hurricanes in the span of a month. “Having that experience of being afraid and not knowing what to do, it really inspired me to be able to know – `What should I do if there’s an emergency? How can I be more prepared and more resilient afterwards?’” she said. The 14-city Allstate Foundation and Points of Light disaster preparedness tour helps people answer those questions.

Want to Help a Veteran? A Vet Tells You How

Having served myself and being married to a U.S. Navy veteran, I have experienced the tough transition process from the military life to a civilian career. And even though we seem to have made it, I can relate to others who are having a hard time adjusting to the change.

Honoring Nelson Mandela by Celebrating a Volunteer Giving Voice to Young Refugees

Today the world commemorates the birthday, life and legacy of the late Nelson Mandela. This year, on Nelson Mandela International Day, Points of Light honors Angela Hale with a Daily Point of Light Award. The Georgia native realized her passion to help people “who felt they didn’t have a voice” by volunteering at a charter school dedicated to serving young refugees.

A Lifelong Volunteer Expands His Reach with the Help of UPS

Tony Heath grew up watching his parents serve their community. It was a way of life. Volunteering became a way of life for him, too. He helped found the Better Living Center in Chester, a struggling city in Pennsylvania. The center – which assists low-income residents – provides food in an area with no grocery stores, helps with job searches, provides clothing, offers health education and screenings, and strives to provide individual solutions to individual challenges.

Are You Part of a Startup Aiming to Do Good in the World? Could You Use Some Help?

The Points of Light Civic Accelerator brings together innovative ventures across the country focused around one common challenge: How might we create new pathways and increase access to economic opportunity for all? Now accepting applications, could the accelerator be an opportunity for you?

Where Can Volunteers Do the Most Good?

Since the report in February that volunteering numbers are down in the U.S., I have spent much of my time telling well-meaning people poised to make a call to service to please put down the bullhorn. A call to service is important, but a greater problem needs to be addressed first – improving the ability of nonprofits, schools and community groups to use volunteers strategically to drive impact.

One Person Changed His Life, Now He Wants to Be That One for Others

As a teenager, Sherman Williams experienced the powerful difference one person could make in someone’s life. For him, it was a teacher. Now he is using his expertise in business to help people from low- and moderate-income households achieve financial stability.

Money Can’t Buy What Service Pays Forward

Since service is part of who I am, I knew I had to go to the recent Aspen Institute’s Franklin Project Summit on National Service in Gettysburg, Pa. I was one of many AmeriCorps alumni there who believed there should be a “bridge year of service” for graduating high school and college students. In my opinion, this opportunity should be open to anyone.

Creativity Pays Off for Innovative Nonprofit Programs

With spectators clapping blue thunder sticks together, jumping out of their seats, cheering for their favorite teams, the gathering looked more like a pep rally than a bid for nonprofit grants. The pitches fueled the excitement – four innovative programs attracting volunteers and serving communities in creative ways.

When a Loved One Returned From War Unlike Himself, This Teen Set Out to Help Vets

When Alexis Werner was 15, her stepfather returned from combat duty in Afghanistan suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder. While Werner empathized with him, she was confused and distressed to see someone she had known to be a strong man suffering from severe psychological problems. Werner says that for her, the experience was initially scary and depressing. A high school counselor told her to try to find “the positive” in what she had experienced. She discovered the positive side in volunteer service.

A Fear of Commitment, But Not When it Comes to This

I’m a bit of a commitment-phobe, but I want to be doing something that rings of purpose. VISTA has been a perfect fit. Twice. My Corps18 experience marks the second time I have taken the oath to build America’s communities and do my best to make its people smarter, safer and healthier.