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Reach Across the Table

As we look ahead to a new year, I invite you to reach across the table – and the fence, the neighborhood, the city – to come together as volunteers in bridging differences and seeking new ways to create needed change in our communities. 

It’s O.K. to Profit From Community Engagement

Consumers who want to reward community-minded firms now have information they can use. The companies on the Civic 50 list deserve this recognition and subsequent support.

What’s the True Value of a Volunteer?

Most organizations use the Independent Sector rate for the value of volunteer time. It is a useful tool, but it doesn’t tell us what all that volunteer time accomplishes. Service Enterprises – organizations that strategically leverage volunteers to meet their missions – take additional steps to showcase the quantity and quality of what their volunteers offer.

Tribute to a Shining Light of Volunteer Engagement – Jill Friedman Fixler

While the field of volunteer engagement shines brightly thanks to thousands of points of light, the field is just a tad dimmer today as it lost one of its shining stars. Jill Friedman Fixler, leader, consultant and mentor to many, passed away over Thanksgiving weekend at the age of 61.

TIME Magazine Honors ‘A Ragged Army of Volunteers’ That Needs Your Help – 3 Quick Ways to Support The Ebola Fighters

It’s not often that TIME magazine names volunteers as its Persons of the Year. But last week, TIME honored the “ragged army of volunteers and near volunteers” – doctors, nurses, public health workers, and those who helped transport the sick and bury the dead – who risked their lives to save others.

`A From-the-Top Type of Priority’ – Altria's Volunteer Program Challenges Employees to Serve Their Communities

For an hour-and-a-half most Mondays, Debbie Colvin's work schedule is full. That's the block of time she spends with her “little” through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Richmond & Tri-Cities. “There is nothing more important than that child during that time each week, because they are not going to understand if [I] don't show up,” says Colvin, a program manager at Altria.

Jackets, Jobs and Joviality for the Unemployed

Mary Gates wears a smile on her face you can hear. “Sometimes all a person needs is a smile to help them get through their day. I can do that,” she says warmly.

Companies Eager to Work Together in Response to Ebola

Unlike the empathy that characterizes the reaction to a natural disaster like a hurricane or earthquake, the public response to Ebola has been driven by fear. The result has been a lack of support for much-needed relief efforts.

When it Comes to Engaging Volunteers, Here's What Really Matters

Good volunteer engagement is more than traditional volunteer management training, yet that’s where many organizations focus their efforts. Recent research tells us that taking a broad organizational approach means better results for our volunteers and our organizational effectiveness.

Serving Those Who Served Their Country – Exelis Action Corps Members Make it Their Mission

For decades, veterans and military service members of all ages have faced unique challenges. The volunteers from Exelis Action Corps have been on the front lines, lending their time and expertise to help.

‘Thank You’ Doesn’t Have to Mean ‘Goodbye’ for Your Donors

Announcing Donor Boost: By embedding a Donor Boost button on a thank-you page or in a thank-you email donors see after contributing, your organization can make it easier for donors to encourage their friends to give.

Want Meaningful Family Time? Volunteer Together

Kevin Bangilan seems to uncover a new passion every time he joins in on a new volunteer project with his family. After a 4-H plant sale, the 9-year-old from Raleigh, N.C., announced he wanted to become an entrepreneur. After volunteering with his family at the local food bank, he announced he wanted to become the U.S. president.

Who Made the List? Announcing the 50 Most Community-Minded Companies in the Nation

Today, Points of Light and Bloomberg L.P. announced The Civic 50 – the 50 most community-minded companies in the nation in 2014. See the list below and video announcement from Points of Light Chair Neil Bush. The Civic 50 sets the standard for corporate community engagement nationwide and creates a roadmap for companies seeking to best use their time, talent and resources to improve the quality of life in the communities where they do business.

Giving People Across the Globe Something They Treasure – A Way to Help

As we celebrate International Volunteer Day, we honor American citizens doing exceptional volunteer work abroad and recognize global volunteerism as a key to sustainable development.

Be a Joy Maker This Holiday Season

Let's all commit to putting more joy into the world by being a joy maker, getting the kids in our lives engaged in service, and living out the motto of the kids engaged in "52 Weeks of Giving" - Don't let anyone be nicer than you!

Small Efforts Add Up to Huge Results

It was early on as a volunteer when I learned that in order to be an effective teacher, I had to move beyond teaching English grammar, sentence structure and spelling. I needed to serve as a coach about day-to-day life in America.

Don't Let Winter Volunteering Wane – Disaster Recovery Is Year-Round

After a disaster, all of us watch the news as people are airlifted from floodwaters and volunteers surge to provide shelter and food. But what happens when the media are gone and the communities are left with damaged homes and displaced citizens?

In Ferguson, Volunteering Strengthens the Community

For many Ferguson, Mo., residents living around the Canfield Green apartments, financial hardships and stress already were part of daily life. When the neighborhood experienced looting and civil unrest, the struggling community was thrust into turmoil. The United Way of Greater St. Louis and its volunteers set out to help.

Are You #GivingTuesday?

Today is #GivingTuesday – and it's your chance to put down your wallet from holiday shopping and find ways to give without spending. As an international day for giving back, #GivingTuesday is a movement to support your local nonprofits and favorite causes this holiday season.

Two Meaningful Ways to Give Back to Your Community

Once you have found an organization you are comfortable with, how do you help them? There are two main ways to consider: Do you support them with a financial gift or do you give your time?