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He Makes Use of His Skills for More Than Money

From his experience supporting the arts community – as co-founder of an arts magazine and a board member of an arts networking organization – John Ketner understands the gap between a nonprofit’s vision and what it has the capacity to do. That space is where Ketner does his best work.

These Volunteers Give Kids a Gift Every Child Can Use

One encourages kids to read to his dogs. Another wraps books as birthday presents. In ways that are meaningful to them, they are helping our nation’s children learn to read. First Book and Points of Light today announced that five such volunteers from across the country – all dedicated to improving literacy in their communities – will receive the Daily Point of Light Award.

Don’t Get Stuck in the Cold – Get Good & Ready

Record-low temperatures and snowstorms have punished many parts of the country. It’s a good time to start thinking about how to prepare your family in case of emergency or disaster. For help, check out Good & Ready.

Supporting Yesterday’s Warriors, Today’s Scholars, Tomorrow’s Leaders

AmeriCorps VISTA and SVA made it possible for me to pursue my dream, albeit grandiose, of ensuring that every single veteran coming behind me would be taken care of on campus and guided in the right direction. I would be the guy that could navigate them through the G.I. Bill, CLEP exams, graduate admissions, apprenticeships, service school credit transfers – you name it.

See How This Nonprofit Surprised its Volunteers

The Harrilal family loves volunteering, and volunteering loves them right back. The family – and other dedicated volunteers – received surprise Valentines last week from staff members of the Florida nonprofit HandsOn Broward. With balloons, candy and other goodies in hand, the staff members visited the homes, offices and nonprofit service sites of several of its most dedicated volunteers, including the Harrilals

Sense of Mission, Dedication to Duty, Love of Country – Veterans Use Their Strengths to Tackle Community Problems

To the veterans of The 6th Branch, service is not a hobby – it’s a duty. In 2010, a group of returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans in Baltimore started talking about how they could apply their military skills and experience to make a difference in their community. The next year, they founded The 6th Branch, or T6B, contributing to the revitalization effort in East Baltimore, part of the city struggling with urban blight.

Yearlong Family Road Trip Uncovers the Generosity of Kids

As kids we were transformed by experiences in Haiti and Mexico serving among the poor with our families, and we wanted to create a transformative experience for our three young children, too. Since Matt is a filmmaker we thought, “Let’s make a documentary about people who are doing lasting, transformational change,” and then, “What if we found kids making change?”

Digital Connections Get Personal on These Special Days

Alex, a teen volunteer, regularly visits with Anne to help her stay digitally connected. Since her stroke, Anne has had difficulty remembering things, especially passwords for online accounts and her email. The YouthSERVE program at the Volunteer Center of Santa Cruz County, which connected Alex and Anne, recognizes that as “digital natives” young people are the perfect candidates for helping seniors learn how to better connect with online technology.

What AmeriCorps Taught Me about Love

No, this is not a story about how I met my husband through AmeriCorps. This is a story about how AmeriCorps taught my husband and me to serve each other in marriage. Furthermore, it is about how making service a priority in our home has challenged us to be better stewards to our family, friends and community.

Looking for Love or to Strengthen Your Bond as a Couple This Valentine’s Day? Try this.

On Valentine’s Day – if you’re part of a couple – you might go out for a romantic dinner or catch a movie. If you’re single, you might celebrate your independence or avoid thinking about Valentine’s Day altogether. But I've got a better alternative for you: Go volunteer!

Democracy Is Not a Spectator Sport

I'll never forget my first Hands On Atlanta volunteer project nearly 20 years ago. I remember a spilled vat of applesauce and getting lost more than once. I remember how uncomfortable it felt, at first, to join a group of strangers and to work together to prepare and deliver meals to people living with AIDS. And I remember how good it felt to be able to do something that mattered in just a few hours.

Answer a Call for Kindness for a Chance to Receive a $500 Grant

Days after the Boston Marathon bombing, a photo of 8-year-old Martin Richard holding a handmade poster that read, “No more hurting people – Peace” circulated the Internet and was shared by media outlets worldwide. The boy, who was killed when the second of two bombs exploded near the finish line, believed in a more peaceful world. Now, generationOn and Hasbro are collaborating with the Martin Richard Foundation to honor Martin’s wish, through the Martin Richard Bridge Builder Grant Program.

Startup – Like a Girl

“Lean In,” “#GirlBoss,” “Thrive,” “Playing Big.” The list of books that aim to empower women goes on, and for good reason. In this spirit, Always’ recent Super Bowl ad – a viewer favorite – challenges us to rethink what it means to do run, throw and fight “like a girl.” That theme drives the spring 2015 session of the Points of Light Civic Accelerator, which will focus on startups that create greater opportunities for women and girls to succeed in today’s economy.

You Might Take Yours for Granted, but This Family Can Tell You the Difference a Toothbrush Makes

We stand over the sink every day and rarely give it a second thought: caring for our teeth. Toothbrushes and toothpaste are only as far away as the nearest convenience store. But one family in Woodcliff Lake, N.J., has a different perspective on what a toothbrush can mean for someone in need.

Mutilated in the Name of Tradition, She’s Giving Women Like Her a Place to Turn

When Jaha Dukureh was 15, she was forced to undergo the most severe form of female genital mutilation. To help girls and women who have suffered like her, Dukureh founded Safe Hands for Girls, an Atlanta-based, grassroots organization against female genital mutilation.

Fidelity's School Transformation Days Breathe New Life Into Schools

Since 2010, Fidelity Investments, one of the world's largest providers of financial services, has partnered with HandsOn Network by engaging thousands of employees, families and friends via Fidelity Cares – the company’s employee volunteer program, which, among other things, strives to revitalize the learning environments for students in need.

Getting Engaged – With Volunteers

Being engaged sets me up as an active participant in supporting and achieving a goal. It means that I have something to contribute. I have a hunch I’m not the only one who prefers being engaged rather than managed, and I think there’s a lesson here about how we approach our work with volunteers.

Can You Weather a Winter Storm? We’ll Tell You How to Prepare

The winter storms that have punished the Northeast during the past couple of weeks have gotten many of us talking about how best to prepare for bad weather. Do you know how?

Nominate a Young Leader for the Hasbro Community Action Hero Award

We’re looking for volunteers who – even at a young age – are leading, organizing and inspiring others to serve. Nominate a young leader you know for a Hasbro Community Action Hero Award.

`Some Kids Feel Powerless’ – But Not These Kids

The brother and sister duo of Cole and Logan Layman, collectively known as In Layman Terms, are a powerful musical force with a bright future ahead of them. And they’re using their talents to help make the world a better place.