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Lakota Great-Grandmother Uses Her Maternal Instincts to Soothe Schoolchildren

Every school day for more than a decade, Valentina Janis has boarded a school bus shortly after dawn and arrived at Crazy Horse School in Wanblee, South Dakota, around 7:15. The 72-year-old sits at breakfast with the students – nearly all of whom are, as is she, Lakota – and waits patiently for the teachers. Janis has a special role at the school. As a “foster grandmother,” she’s always ready with a sympathetic ear and a big hug.

How an Earthquake Deepened My Commitment to Volunteer Service

Some volunteer experiences stay with you forever. Mine was in northern Japan, after a 9.0-magnitude earthquake.

Teaching Children Around the World About Helping Others and the Power of Friendship

Showing that volunteering with friends and family can be lots of fun, parents and kids came together in Singapore last Saturday to do some good, while celebrating International Friendship Day. To recognize that day, officially July 30, Hasbro and generationOn – the youth division of Points of Light – have launched a global campaign to encourage kids to volunteer in their schools, neighborhoods and communities. Find out how you can your kids can celebrate by visiting

Honor Service on 9/11 by Hosting a Volunteer Service Project

Sept. 11 marks a day to commemorate tragedy and triumph, recognize heroism and sacrifice, and inspire volunteer service that makes a difference in communities. This year, Points of Light's Military Initiatives is inviting organizations to join a national service movement in cities across the country by hosting “Honoring Service” projects.

For Kids, Volunteering Can Be a Fun Play Date, on Friendship Day or Any Day

“Volunteering can be fun. And you can make a difference just by going to the park and cleaning up," says 10 year-old actress Emmy Perry, best known for her role as Kitty in “Wiener Dog Internationals” and currently filming the feature film “Scales.” "You can help your community; it’s really easy. You can make it a play date.”

His Scoutmaster Lost His Home, Inspiring This Aspiring Eagle Scout to Bring Light to a Tent City for the Homeless

Ever since he was a 5-year-old Cub Scout, Joseph Strawn has enjoyed serving others. As Joseph worked to become a Boy Scout, his scoutmaster was there right beside him, cheering him on, motivating him to always do better. Recently, the Las Cruces, New Mexico, teen’s thoughts turned to his old scoutmaster when the time came for him to complete a project to earn his next rank, that of Eagle Scout. He remembered how the man had lost his job, his wife and his home in quick succession after becoming ill from complications related to diabetes.

4 Ways to Show Kids the Wonders of Reading

Want to shine a light on literacy – in a big way? On Oct. 19, 2015, join us for Read Across the Globe, an initiative that brings the power of volunteers together to support literacy in communities around the world. Working with thousands of volunteers, educators and partners in every time zone, together we'll read to children all over the globe through one of the world’s largest reading events.

A Car Crash That Took So Much Gave This Budding Puppeteer So Much More

Ani Hudgens had always had a creative streak and while recuperating in bed from a car crash had enjoyed watching her favorite characters romp through Muppets movies. Now, she thought, was a chance to bring her two interests together and spread the message of passenger safety to kids through puppetry.

Innovation Through Disruption – How New Thinking From Startups Is Tackling Our Greatest Challenges

The commitment of startups to social issues gets to the heart of why Points of Light created the Civic Accelerator. The program launched in the fall of 2012 with the intention of building new civic solutions: finding new ways people are leveraging technology and using their time, talent, money/purchasing power and voice to drive change.

With Her Knitting Needles, This Young Hero Helps Women in Extreme Poverty Earn a Living

"Before KidKnits, prospects weren’t good for a Rwandan woman named Catherine. Widowed in the 1994 Rwanda genocide, the young mother suffered from HIV. Though the Rwandan government provided medicine to treat the condition, she couldn’t take it without food, and she couldn’t afford much food," the Peoria Journal Star article writes in an article highlighting the volunteer work of Peoria, Illinois, teen and Hasbro Community Action Hero Ellie Zika.

This Teen Will Paint Your Pet to Save Other Animals’ Lives

One day after coming home from a soccer tournament, my mom told me that she wanted to get a new dog. I was ecstatic. It wasn't a simple love story at first.

A Veteran of Surgeries at Age 9, She Brings Comfort in Buckets to Other Kids

As a scared 4-year-old about to receive her second cochlear implant to help her hear, Morgan Keely was delighted and surprised to receive a basket of toys that had been donated to the hospital. “I loved it so much that I asked my mom if I could do the same thing,” she says.

6 Ways the Internet Has Changed How You Can Volunteer and Give

Volunteering isn’t what it used to be and that’s a good thing. More nonprofits are modernizing and utilizing the Internet. Whether it’s stay-at-home volunteer work or detailed listings of volunteer opportunities, both nonprofits and potential volunteers are benefitting. Here are six ways the Internet is changing how you can volunteer for and give to nonprofits.

When Volunteer Projects Don’t Work Out as Planned, Learn From the Experience

When volunteering, be observant and ask for guidance if you are unsure. Give and keep giving, but look for those opportunities that will sprout both short-term benefit and longevity in the eyes of your community. A small action on your part can easily make a lasting impact.

Know a Volunteer Who Made a Difference After Hurricane Katrina?

Do you know a volunteer or organization that came to the aid of Katrina survivors and remains committed to such volunteer service? Please nominate that person or group for a Daily Point of Light Award, through July 22.

Remembering How Volunteers Helped Him as a Child, This Navy Enlistee Is Returning the Favor

As a young child, Justin Laferriere felt helpless as his family of eight – his parents and six kids – was evicted. During the 12 years he spent in affordable housing, Laferriere was exposed to many volunteer organizations working to help improve the lives of low-income families.

Shocked That Millions of Girls Can't Get an Education, This Girl Decided to Send Her Love

Back when she was in second grade, Lily Miller volunteered at a craft fair to help raise money to build a playground where all kids could play. Her contribution to the fair: stuffed lovebirds. The little creations proved so popular that Lily, now 9 years old, wondered whether she could do more with them to help others.