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Trial and Error Led This Retiree to Give First Responders a Powerful Tool For Search and Rescue

Newly retired, Wilma Melville decided to spend time training her new German shepherd puppy, Topa, “to do something special,” she says. “I chose disaster search.” The endeavor would eventually lead Melville to found the National Search Dog Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to pairing dogs with first responders in highly trained teams. But, just as in a rescue attempt, obstacles lined her path.

Social Innovators in Atlanta and New Orleans – Check Out This Opportunity

The Points of Light Civic Accelerator is calling all social innovators – entrepreneurs and business, community and nonprofit leaders – in Atlanta and New Orleans to participate in a two-day, hands-on boot camp. Learn about and use innovation best practices to make better decisions, test solutions and solve problems more effectively.

Do You Work for a Community-Minded Company? Check Out The Civic 50!

Does your company care about the communities where it does business? Join us Oct. 30, 2015 for a free webinar about participating in The Civic 50, an initiative of Points of Light that honors the 50 most community-minded companies in the nation each year as determined by an annual survey.

How One Bowl of Pasta Led to Meals for a Million Kids

Chef Bruno Serato distributes close to 1,500 bowls a day to feed children at some two dozen locations throughout Orange County, California. His program – named Caterina’s Club, after his mom, who passed away last year – recently handed over a steaming plate of pasta to its 1 millionth kid.

Conference Close Ignites Call for Change

At yesterday’s closing plenary of the Conference on Volunteering and Service in Houston, the message was clear: Be disruptive.

Conference Celebrates Change Makers Across the Globe

At the Sparking a Global Service Movement plenary at the Conference on Volunteering and Service yesterday, social entrepreneurs, government leaders, corporate innovators, and nonprofit activists from more than 50 countries joined to celebrate the good they can do together.

Growing a Community of Volunteers and 30 Kinds of Tomatoes

Since acquiring empty buildings and vacant lots in Detroit’s North End at an auction – some 30 properties altogether – Tyson Gersh has counted on an ever-growing troop of 8,000 volunteers to turn ruins into a thriving farm that distributes the fruits of its labor for free.

Announcing the 2015 Corporate Volunteer Council of the Year

At the 2015 Conference on Volunteering and Service in Houston today, Points of Light honored the Greater Philadelphia Corporate Volunteer Council as 2015 Corporate Volunteer Council of the Year for serving as a primary local resource for encouraging, educating and connecting businesses that support employee volunteerism.

Giving Kids Who Have Lost Limbs the Chance to Run, Play and Act Like Kids

Today at the Conference on Volunteering and Service in Houston, we honor awardees from the U.S. and the U.K. who are dedicated to serving young amputees around the world.

Conference Opens With a Call for Innovation and a Visit From President George H. W. Bush

The opening plenary of the Conference on Volunteering and Service in Houston resonated with thoughts on how to think about service in new and innovative ways, as Points of Light CEO Tracy Hoover issued the call to “mobilize every person in the world to be a change maker.” It recognized the great potential for change, as when Congressman Joaquin Castro told attendees, “The beauty of America is that there is an infrastructure of opportunity that helps us get where we want to go in life.”

Boston Cares Wins Romney Award for Giving Kids in Need Beds of Their Own

Thousands of Greater Boston school children do not have a bed, which affects their self-esteem, ability to learn and likelihood of graduating from high school. This year’s George W. Romney Award winner, Boston Cares, decided to tackle this problem by creating the Bed Project, through which volunteers build beds for kids who need them.

With Books and Blankets, These Girls Bring Joy and Warmth to Kids in Need

Driving the Cunningham family’s volunteer work is research showing that being able to read by third grade is critical to success in school and as an adult. Plus, sisters Maggie and Harper say, reading is simply one of the great pleasures in life.

Happy #AmeriDay! Check Out 3 Ways to Get Involved

Get ready to welcome new AmeriCorps members! Today marks the launch of #AmeriDay, a monthlong celebration honoring the start of AmeriCorps service across the county. Check out three ways to get involved today.

His Grandmother Fed Prisoners During the Holocaust, Driving This Teen’s Desire to Feed the Hungry

Adam Hoffman says his grandmother’s stories about the Holocaust have helped shape him. He began volunteering at a local food bank and was concerned that much available food offered to banks and pantries by area grocers eventually expired because the food banks did not have enough personnel to make regular pick-ups.

These Kids Are Making Peace – Will Yours?

Kids and teens across the country – more than 23,000 of them so far – are making peace and spreading kindness in creative ways. See how your kid can, too!

Celebrating a Decade of Powering Volunteer Service and Accelerating Social Change

From global community days and home-builds to civic hackathons, companies have an immense power to mobilize and inspire their employees to achieve social change through service.

Putting Passion Into Practice to Help the Blind Read

After watching a documentary about a surgeon who traveled to North Korea and returned sight to people suffering from cataracts, Shalin Shah was moved. The gesture, and the ailment, was an eye-opener for Shalin, now a 16-year-old junior, who is using his passion for computer science to serve the blind.

When Women Get Stuck, America Gets Stuck

About three-quarters of companies say gender diversity is a top priority, but employees don’t see it. Workplace policies and realities don’t reflect it. It’s not just corporate America that’s stuck. It’s America.

Getting Girls Excited About Science

In Jackie Lomax’s world, there simply was no encouragement for girls to pursue what’s commonly known today as STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) careers. Lomax decided to change the paradigm for her own daughter, to “reverse the curse,” as she now puts it.

To Thrive, Your Company Needs a Soul – Find It in Volunteer Service

In my 25-plus-year career, one thing has become abundantly clear to me. Companies with an engaged employee base are the companies that tend to thrive. Of course, you need a sound business model and products that consumers demand, but that’s not enough. Your company needs a soul.