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Volunteers Give Abused Women the Hope and Love of a Warmly Outfitted Home

After interior designer Julie Davis completed a mission trip to Africa five years ago, she knew that she would want to continue helping women and children once back home to Nashville. Thinking about her own expertise and the fact that many of her clients, because they were redecorating, often found themselves with extra furniture and home furnishings, she had an idea.

Is Your Company the Most Community Minded in America? Get Recognized by The Civic 50!

The Civic 50 at Points of Light is searching for corporate trailblazers that are improving communities and driving social impact. Is your company engaged in the communities where you do business? Are your purpose-driven employees volunteering? Are your brand values reflecting social commitment? Is your philanthropy aligned with your corporate culture? The Civic 50 recognizes these and other best practices each year and it all begins with a short survey.

Tackling Hunger Through Volunteer Power

Because of committed volunteers, Connecticut residents like Aaron – who was laid off from his job – don’t have to go hungry. "I never missed having fresh vegetables in my fridge and fresh food to feed my family,” he said.

How You Can Help During Winter Storm Jonas

Winter Storm Jonas is expected to deliver up to 30 inches of snow to parts of the East Coast. If you would like to support the recovery effort, here’s what you can do to help.

Giving Young, Black Men a New Way to See the World

The quick downward spiral James Bailey suffered after mismanaging his fortune lead to the work he does today. Through the Phoenix Leadership Foundation, a nonprofit he co-founded with Blayne Alexander, he’s ensuring that the city’s young black males get the experience and encouragement they need to succeed.

Startups Addressing Digital and Financial Inclusion: Here’s Your Chance to Innovate and Grow

Are you running a startup working to answer this question: How might we accelerate technology adoption and financial inclusion for all to succeed in the digital economy? The Points of Light Civic Accelerator can help. The program is now seeking applications from for-profit and nonprofit early-stage ventures.

Reflecting on Teaching Kids to Read as a 'Civil Rights' Imperative

As a kid reading wasn’t fun for Alvin Irby – but it was fundamental. As a former New York schoolteacher he understands the difference that the love of reading has made in his life. His Barbershop Books program brings his passion for reading to young boys by creating small reading areas in urban barbershops.

5 Ways to Encourage Employees to Volunteer

How do you get employees to volunteer? They key is to build a culture of giving. Demonstrate that community service is a priority for your company.

5 Ways to Volunteer with Your Dog

For animal lovers, there are many ways to get involved through local shelters and rescue organizations – but what about volunteering with the animal you love most? Here are some great ideas for including your dog in your next volunteer activity.

Help Create a ‘Beloved Community’ on MLK Day

Millions of Americans will come together during the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, in a weekend of service and dialogue to honor his memory. The civil rights movement taught us that when Americans are united in lending a hand, helping our neighbors and building better communities, our country lives out Dr. King’s ideals and can fully realize the American dream.

See What Can Happen When Digital Experts Volunteer Their Skills to Nonprofits for 48 Hours

As a web designer and marketer, Atlanta-based Jeff Hilimire understands the importance of standing out in the digital arena. And he knows that for some nonprofits establishing a cohesive Internet presence can be time consuming and expensive. So, along with his friend and fellow digital marketer Adam Walker, 39, he began reaching out to an expanded network of peers throughout the city.

5 Ways to Serve on MLK Day

Millions of Americans will come together on the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service, Jan. 18, 2016, in a day of volunteer service and dialogue to honor the memory of Dr. King. Will you be one of them? Here are five ways you can get involved.

Volunteers Help Teens Who Have Loved Ones in Prison Find an Outlet in Art and Strength in Each Other

More than 2.7 million children in the United States have a parent in prison. “There’s such a huge stigma attached to even knowing someone in prison that kids tend to keep the sorrow and pain bottled up inside,” says Dennis Danziger, who, with his wife Amy Friedman, created an outlet for kids with loved ones in prison.