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Breaking Down Walls Between Donors and Recipients to Make Disaster Relief Personal

In the wake of disasters, large and small, people often look to help by contributing to charitable organizations. But, some get frustrated because it is not always clear where their money ends up.

They Learn That Doing What You Can Makes All The Difference In The Face of Disaster

In May of 2015, after weeks of heavy rainfall, the Texas Hill Country — known to meteorologists as “Flash Flood Alley” — suffered a horrific flood that displaced hundreds in a matter of hours. The next morning in Wimberley, a small town of fewer than 2,600 people, Courtney Goss walked into her church to see if there was anything she could do.

5 Reads To Help You Cope

At every turn, stories from every corner of the world tell of human suffering caused by war, poverty, hatred and injustice. So, how do we turn the division into unity to build stronger bonds of civic engagement and equity?

Young Activist Seeks to Make a Difference, Locally and Globally, One 'Step' at a Time

When a massive flood displaced 8-year-old Olivia Russo-Hood and her family from their home outside Atlanta in 2009, she experienced firsthand nature’s devastation. But, immediately following that, she learned of an even more powerful force: the kindliness of neighbors.

Volunteers at Alabama Fire & Rescue Department Stand Up for Community Safety

The call can come when he’s cutting grass or watching his 8-year-old son play baseball on a Sunday morning when he’s sitting in a church pew or a Tuesday night when he’s in a deep slumber. When it happens, Chad Dickerson, 33, is ready and on his way in seconds.