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12 Service Project Ideas for Kids

Back-to-school can be a busy time for families, filled with homework, sports practices, school plays, and other extracurricular activities. However, it’s important to remember the role that volunteer service can play in your child’s development. Volunteering together as a family helps kids learn that they can make a positive difference through service to others.

Two Young Competitive Swimmers Raise Awareness for Swimmer Safety

Twins Chris and Matt Hales, now 17, have traveled the world as competitive swimmers since they were in first grade. But one event outside of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico a few years ago proved especially noteworthy. “It was their first trip out of the country,” recalls their dad, Michael, who accompanied them. 

Points of Light Mobilizes Volunteers in Honor of Military Members, Veterans, and First Responders on 9/11 Day of Service

“I’m acutely aware of how things were prior to 9/11. This is the conflict of our generation, and I’ve looked at how it has affected society to see how I could do my part,” said Melissa Ann Sullivan, a passionate volunteer on behalf of U.S. veterans.

Houston Woman Honors America's Heroes with Trip of a Lifetime

Daniel Kelly was a jack of all trades, serving as a Seaman first class for the Navy during World War II in both the Atlantic and Pacific fronts. Kelly had once told his granddaughter, Ashley French, that manning the turret guns on his ship, trying to shoot down kamikaze pilots, was the scariest thing he ever had to do. But when French thinks about her grandfather’s service, she’s grateful. 

5 Opportunities for Students to Volunteer While In School

As summer comes to a close and you head back to school, you may find it hard to imagine fitting in time to volunteer. Schedules become packed with sports practices, school plays, homework, and other extracurricular activities and it may be tempting to put giving back on the back burner. Volunteering, however, is a wonderful resume builder and will help you build skills for a future career. Learn about a new industry, or gain skills to put towards a dream job.

Helping a Community Cope, Responding to Violence with Service

From national leadership to local communities across the nation, the violent events of the last few months have left many speechless and unsure how to respond – even the most disaster-ready. While emergency medical responders may treat the injuries of those individuals affected, how do we begin to mend the wounds created in our communities after tragedies like the recent terror attack in Orlando create in our communities?

What’s Their Secret? Lessons from the Most Community Minded Companies in America

Chances are that when you receive a package from UPS you don’t give a second thought to the complex logistics underway to deliver nearly 20 million packages a day. That’s because they’re experts. But UPS is also a company deeply dedicated to using that expertise to solve some of our world’s most pressing challenges.

Houston Youth and Skills-Based Volunteers Leave ServiceWorks Bootcamp Equally Inspired

ServiceWorks Skill-Building Bootcamps provide 16- to 24-year-olds the opportunity to develop new workplace skills, expand their personal networks and understand how service can be a vehicle for both. For the second time this summer, ServiceWorks recently brought this powerful experience to a new city.

Volunteer Lawn Care Service Teaches Kids the Power of Helping Out and Giving Back

Last September, in the waning days of a still-hot Alabama summer, Rodney Smith, Jr. noticed an elderly neighbor laboring to mow his lawn. “It looked like he was really struggling,” says the now 27-year-old, “It seemed like I should do something.”

Detroit – A Resilient Community We All Got to See

Resiliency is something we see every day—the child who learns to walk by stumbling only to get up again, the father and mother who work several jobs to make ends meet but rarely get ahead, the community that goes through decades of hardship and ultimately bankruptcy, but coins itself the comeback city. In Detroit, we got to see a resilient city and how its civic capacity, demonstrated in part through countless hours of volunteering, is fueling Detroit’s rise.

Seeing a Need in His Community, Math Professor Organizes Volunteer Tutoring Program

Kumer Pial Das remembers feeling “alarmed and frustrated” when he read an article in the newspaper about how dismally local kids were performing on the math portions of the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness. Sounding very much like the math professor he is — he’s taught courses such as business calculus and probability theory at Lamar University — Das says the “statistics were not something to be proud of.”