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Former Foster Child Now Advocates for Child Welfare and Struggling Families

“You just say yes and you figure it out!” That’s the mantra that has led 30-year-old Ashley Rhodes-Courter throughout her life as a college graduate, fundraiser, best-selling author and now the leader of her own nonprofit organization, The Foundation for Sustainable Families.

Building a Culture of Compassion, ‘Rules of Kindness’ Give Kids the Opportunity to Show They Care

With just weeks to go in perhaps one of the most heated election cycles our country has had in a long time, our nation has reached a heightened point of divisiveness. We find ourselves in a time of both political and social unrest, with intense debates taking place not only on TV between candidates, but also on social media, in communities and in homes. 

Empact Creates ‘Done in a Day’ to Benefit Corporations, Social Service Organizations and Local Communities

While employees at nonprofits may lack some of the expertise needed to keep operations running smoothly, employees at corporations may feel they lack the time and opportunity to serve their community. In Singapore, one organization seeks to solve these problems and unlock the mutual benefits of working together.

5 Ways to Get Involved This Fall

Fall is upon us, swooping in on a whirlwind of sweaters, scarves, and pumpkin spice. While looking forward to all that fall has to offer, we’re also very excited about the new opportunities for volunteering that the season brings.

After Accident, This Young Dancer Finds New Purpose in Bringing Comfort to Others

As a child, Amara Riccio was a self-proclaimed diva. A dedicated student and performer of dance, drama, music, acrobatics and gymnastics, Amara was always on the move. She used the arts and movement to release energy, cope with stress and express herself creatively.

4 Unconventional Ways to Serve

When you think about volunteering, there are some tried and true service projects that come to mind—things like repainting the local community center or doing some landscaping at a neighborhood park. While these types of projects are still out there (and just as important as always), many volunteers are looking to get involved in new ways that uniquely engage their skills and passions.

Family Began Volunteering to Help Their Daughter Socialize, Discovered Passion for Service

For the Lamy family, volunteering together began as a way to help their oldest daughter, who lives with a form of autism, build social skills.

ServiceWorks Heads into Year 3 with Inspiration, Reflection and Motivation

Going into the third year of a program like ServiceWorks, there have been countless stories of impact, service and memories. When you’ve engaged more than 7,500 young people and deployed almost 200 AmeriCorps VISTA members across the country in the effort to bring positive change to the lives of opportunity youth and the communities in which they live, there are bound to be plenty of moments.

Former Foster Child Turned Country Star Seeks to Help Other Kids in Need

The guard at the youth detention center greeted the class by saying, “Good morning. In here we have all kinds of trash.” One of the students raised his hand and said to the guard, “You may not remember me, but my door was the last one on the right and you were the officer that checked me in on my fifteenth birthday. We’ve all made mistakes, but none of us are trash.”

Couple Volunteers 2,800 Hours Helping Community Members in Need

For many low-income, limited-English, or elderly individuals, accessing needed services can often be difficult. Having someone available to make the process easier is always appreciated.

California Teen is Making Her Community Healthier, One Corner Store at a Time

More than one out of every four teenagers are overweight or obese in the city of Whittier, according to the County of Los Angeles Public Health. Officials knew they needed to figure out a way to combat the obesity epidemic in the southern California community. And that’s where 17-year-old Analaura Amezquita comes in. 

Veteran Finds Renewed Purpose Through Volunteering

As a veteran of the armed forces, Brittany Chaney has long been dedicated to giving back to those who have served. Like many veterans, Chaney looked to volunteer service upon leaving the military to ease her transition back to civilian life, and became involved in a variety of service projects through Points of Light affiliate Hands On Orlando.

5 Outstanding Volunteers Recognized as Cabot Community Celebrities

Each year, Cabot Creamery Cooperative, a New England cheese and dairy product producer, awards celebrities, or community volunteers from all over the United States with a yearly cruise for their service. The goal is to honor the achievements and contributions of volunteers who are making a significant difference in their communities. 

ServiceWorks VISTA is Changing the Narrative in South Central LA

This morning, as part of a 9/11 Day commemoration, I had what anyone would consider a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stand with a group of service champions to ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange. But what made it even more special was the chance to see it through the eyes of one of my fellow bell-ringers, Alonzo Warren.

After More Than 22 Years in the Military, Veteran Finds New Ways to Serve His Community

Philadelphia is called the city of brotherly love, and for one resident, it’s a motto he lives by. After more than 22 years in the U.S. Army, Jose Martinez now dedicates his time to bettering the lives of other veterans.

The Purpose App: Reinventing How People are Invited to Serve and Changing How They Apply Their Passion

If you watch Shark Tank, you can picture the set up – an “X” prize competition for social good: bright lights, big stage, tough judges and even tougher questions. Enter our Points of Light team, pitching our idea for bringing more precision to the world of purpose-driven change.

From Tragedy Comes the Opportunity to Better Serve Our Nation’s Youth

A few weeks ago, Points of Light provided several articles and resources collected from voices of people both inside and outside of Points of Light speaking out about the tragedies of the last few months so that they might contribute to a larger narrative of unity and service in times of crisis.

Comic Relief: Volunteer Harnesses Power of Laughter for Children with Illnesses

They say humor is the hardest type of entertainment to pull off. Finding the lighter side of adversity – without making light of it – can be tricky. Andy Cesnickas makes it look easy.