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Through Frontline Families, Veterans and Military Families Leverage Unique Skills to Improve Their Communities

The challenges that military families face can be intense: frequent relocation, separation from loved ones and reintegration back into civilian life. However, military families also have unique qualities that make them ideal civic leaders, leveraging their skills and determination to engage in meaningful service in their communities.

Building a Culture of Service: Altria and Valero Put Local Communities First

Crafting a mission statement is a chance for a company to put into words what truly drives the organization: what are the values it holds above all others? For many, success and profit come to mind. For Civic 50 sector leaders Altria and Valero Energy, community is consistently held as the organizations’ driving force. These companies are doing their part to support local communities by institutionalizing policies, systems and incentives to build a culture of volunteerism and community engagement and to drive their social impact.

How Will You Set Your Table?

Did you know that it was Abraham Lincoln who declared Thanksgiving a federal holiday? It seems especially fitting and worthy of note as we approach this year’s Thanksgiving Day. Because this week's holiday wasn't born from nostalgia about the "good ole days" at Plymouth Rock or because Lincoln’s ancestors were pilgrims. Rather, at America's darkest moment – when economic and ideological divides, and the brutality of war had pitted brothers, neighbors, friends against each other, Lincoln called for thanksgiving.

ServiceWorks Bootcamp Brings Project Management Skills to Young Adults in LA

Bringing together speakers from the White House, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Office on Workforce Development, the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, and the Los Angeles Trade and Technical College, a bootcamp hosted on Nov. 19 by ServiceWorks in Los Angeles focused on skills building and service for young adults ages 16 to 24. During a ServiceWorks bootcamp, participants gain skills – including project management competencies – that will strengthen their path to college and careers while helping resolve problems in their communities.

Argentina’s Youth Create Tech Solutions to Community Needs

After several years of political and economic unrest, including a recession beginning in mid-2015 that pushed the unemployment rate to 9.3 percent, Argentina’s new president, Mauricio Macri recently declared the country “open for business” as part of a campaign to restore economic viability.

The Joy Maker Challenge Inspires Kids to Give Back for the Holidays

The holidays are a great time to get kids and teens involved in spreading joy and giving back! Finding a cause they’re passionate about and doing a service project to contribute to that cause helps them develop compassion for others, be kind and support their community.

Disney Executive and Family Believe Giving Back Starts with Them

The Walt Disney Company has a long history of giving back. Through its VoluntEAR program which encourages employees to work on meaningful projects that improve the community – including Family Volunteer Day – Disney is working to make the world a better place.

New York Family Volunteers Together, Finding Projects That Fit the Passions of Each Member

As the Martini family starts sharing their volunteer experiences and favorite moments, it’s clear that a passion for helping others is deeply entrenched in their family. Sharon and Mike Martini laugh as they tell stories of their volunteering adventures with their three children, Katie, David, and Dylan. “We volunteer for so many organizations,” Sharon said. “We do a lot as a family, but we volunteer for many different things that include everyone’s passion.”

Give Thanks by Giving Back

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, we look for ways to demonstrate gratitude to the people closest to us. One excellent way to do this is to look for opportunities to give back to the people or organizations that have given something to you over the years. To get you into the holiday spirit while also tapping into your spirit of service, here are some ways you can give thanks by giving back.

Family Starts Bi-Coastal Nonprofit, Donating More Than 40,000 Books to Kids in Need

When Elizabeth and David Mattson started a generationOn Kids Care Club, Kids Doing Wonderful Things, with their daughter Catherine a few years ago, it was to encourage their children and their children’s friends to share books and the experience of reading with other children. Elizabeth never imagined it would turn into her running a full-time, bi-coastal nonprofit organization.

Louisiana Family Affected by Flooding Continues Giving Back to Those in Need

Growing up, Melanie Rutecki’s family owned a small business, so they were always finding ways to give back to the community and get involved. When she and her husband, Kenny, started their family, they knew giving back would be part of the way they raised their children.

Veterans’ Civic Engagement Strengthens Communities Nationwide

You are likely familiar with the ways that Americans can give back to help veterans, but did you know that veterans are among the most active volunteers working to improve communities across the country? Data from the 2016 Veterans Civic Health Index report created by Got Your Six, revealed that veterans are more likely than non-veterans to volunteer with their neighbors to fix problems in their communities.

San Antonio Veteran Changes Lives of Senior Veterans, One Flight at a Time

Flying for many, especially in a small aircraft, is a nightmare of nerves and airsickness. But for the veterans who take a dream flight with the Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation, it’s a life-changing experience.

4 Ways to Give Back to Veterans

Engaging with veterans through volunteer service can be one of the best ways to thank them for their service, provide much-needed support and recognize the important role they play in our communities. Veterans face many challenges upon returning to civilian life, but there are many ways to partner with and support them. Here are some ideas for giving back and celebrating their service on Veterans Day and all year round:

The Joys of Giving Back in High School

Completing high school volunteer hours can sometimes be an arduous activity. Your busy schedule filled with sports practices, extracurricular activities, college applications, and spending quality time with friends does not always lend a spare moment to volunteer service. Did you know that volunteer experiences are excellent resume builders and can even help decide what career to pursue in college?

5 Ways to Give Back to Senior Citizens

We recently wrote about the many ways seniors give back to their communities each year, and the health benefits of volunteering as you age. Senior Citizens also present many opportunities for service. Aging adults can face a number of challenges, from loneliness to failing health. Volunteering with senior citizens is a great way to thank them for their years of service and to help brighten their day!

Civic 50 Honorees AT&T and Hasbro Made a Difference by Mentoring Youth

Maya Angelou. Quincy Jones. Sting. Tom Brokaw. President Bill Clinton. What do all of these people have in common? Their successes in life would not have been possible without the guidance and advice of a mentor. Civic 50 sector leaders AT&T and Hasbro Inc. recognize the importance of mentorship – especially in the lives of underserved youth who may lack the resources or individuals in their lives to guide them through tough decisions such as college, career, and more.