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Employee Spotlight: Learning to Build Community Strength Through Service

Through her service with AmeriCorps and various other programs throughout her life, Morgan Levey has collected a wealth of experiences that showed her the impact of volunteerism on communities.

Bullying Victim Finds Confidence Through Volunteerism

Fourteen-year-old Lucas Smith clearly remembers one of the first times he was bullied. He recalls being just four or five years old when some kids picked on him, taking off his glasses and throwing them in a sandpit. Lucas felt down after being bullied, but he soon found an outlet to channel his emotions into something positive.

Bridging the Transition to Civilian Life Through Volunteerism

Volunteerism is proven to be a successful bridge that links veterans and military families with their community through civic engagement, improves their physical and emotional well-being, and provides meaningful connections with their civilian neighbors to create more vibrant and resilient communities.

Empowering Youth to Discover Their Potential to Create Change

In recent years, national leaders and community groups alike have called upon volunteers to help break down the income inequality gap by supporting disadvantaged youth and young adults. In response, organizations like United Way of Greater St. Louis have built and continue to maintain programs that support youth development. One of these programs is ServiceWorks, a national initiative that engages youth in finding solutions to some of their community’s most pressing issues.

Leading by Example: California Mom Teaches Daughters the Importance of Giving Back

Plenty of little girls aspire to be like Disney princesses – beautiful, magical and strong. Laura Giron’s daughters, ages 10 and 11, have been taught since toddlerhood that real magic and beauty comes from giving time and compassion to people in need through volunteer service.

12-Year-Old Cancer Patient Advocates for Hospitalized Kids

"Kids need someone to represent them, someone who will share their voice, and I love being that person!" said Michaeyla Nadeau of Virginia Beach, Virginia, who volunteers as a patient advocate for children with cancer and other illnesses.

Aligning Service with Corporate Values to More Effectively Manage Employee Volunteer Programs

With the increasing importance of employee volunteer programs comes an increasing demand by companies for external support and infrastructure to help align event programming with company values. Volunteer centers are powerful tools in this sphere, and Hands On Manila, a Points of Light global affiliate, has emerged as a leader in helping companies build their employee volunteer programs.

How Volunteers Can Support People Facing Depression and Anxiety

May is Mental Health Month, aimed at raising awareness of mental health and helping to fight stigmas – and providing support for the millions of Americans living with mental health conditions. Volunteers play an important role in supporting those who live with mental health conditions, and continuing to fight the stigmas associated with them.

Hospitalized Children Experience a ‘Moment of Magic’ Thanks to a College Student with a Big Heart

Inspired by a fondness for children and the Disney movie “Frozen,” Kylee McGrane and her friend Maggie began visiting hospitals dressed as the “Frozen” princesses to cheer up children undergoing treatment. The success of the service project led Kylee to launch A Moment of Magic – an organization focused on spreading hope, lifting spirits and raising awareness for pediatric cancer.

Teacher Helps At-risk Students Identify, Reach Educational and Career Dreams

"I've always been involved with helping students outside the 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. job," Rebecca said. "It's all about reaching the future generations and helping them now." It's that mission and mindset that led Rebecca, who teaches at San Antonio's Karen Wagner High School, to take over Leadership: Access Granted, a program designed to help underprivileged, at-risk students identify and reach their educational and career dreams.

The Family that Gives Together: Teaching Service as a Family Value

"We’ve always tried to instill in our kids that you need to be involved in the community you live in and give back in some way,” said Beverly Winkler. It’s this very way of thinking that is at the core of the Winkler family’s giving spirit. For Beverly, her husband Wayne, 17-year-old daughter Cianna and 21-year-old son Zachary, giving back is a family affair that is a constant part of their very busy lives.