Black History Month

Feb 20
Posted by Amanda Knowles to Natalye Paquin, Civic Culture, Black History Month

Black History Month offers us a time to reflect on the many contributions African-Americans have made to this country and the world. Growing up as the children of hard-working parents in a melting pot community, the school my brother and I went to paused on a variety of special commemorative days to celebrate the rich diversity of all of our cultures and ethnicities. These early experiences and lessons from school have left an indelible imprint on my life, and what I recognize today is that these non-negotiable family values are distinctly connected to the work and service of many historical figures in black history whom we celebrate.

Feb 10
Posted by Robby Montgomery to Points of Light Monument, Black History Month

The Points of Light Monument, a one-mile walkway in Washington, D.C., honors the actions and service of famous Americans who have transformed our nation and the world. During Black History Month, we recognize and celebrate the significant contributions that African-Americans have made throughout our history, recognizing their achievements and the great economic, social and political issues these points of lights dedicated their lives to.