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Jun 10

More than 60 leaders in corporate social responsibility, employee engagement, and volunteerism convened in Hong Kong on May 25, 2016, for the Points of Light Corporate Service Council Asia Meeting. Excitement in the air was palpable, as attendees explored opportunities for accelerating the impact of corporate citizenship in Asia.

Jan 28
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The Civic 50 at Points of Light is searching for corporate trailblazers that are improving communities and driving social impact. Is your company engaged in the communities where you do business? Are your purpose-driven employees volunteering? Are your brand values reflecting social commitment? Is your philanthropy aligned with your corporate culture? The Civic 50 recognizes these and other best practices each year and it all begins with a short survey.
Jan 15
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How do you get employees to volunteer? They key is to build a culture of giving. Demonstrate that community service is a priority for your company.
Nov 12
In the days following Points of Light’s Conference on Volunteering and Service, it was terrific to hear from so many business leaders that attending the conference brought a renewed sense of power and inspiration that helped them embrace the challenge of being a change maker at their companies.