Daily Point of Light Award Hurricane Katrina Honorees

Sep 04
Long before Hurricane Katrina, Joann Sawyer Cook worked to lift up New Orleans’ Central City neighborhood, an area plagued by poverty. When Hurricane Katrina hit in August 2005, floodwater submerged Central City. Working with the church, Cook set out to help.
Sep 01
Ripping across the Gulf Coast, Hurricane Katrina led to the destruction of 320 million trees and more than 5 million acres of forest, damaging critical ecosystems and threatening North America’s climate. Marv and PJ Marshall – who were in Washington, D.C., attending the White House Conference on Conservation when the hurricane struck – set out to help.
Aug 31
During his 40-year technology career in Buffalo and Boston, David Campbell led the charge as a good corporate citizen. He served on boards, was chairman of the chamber of commerce, raised money for the local cancer hospital. But when the 2004 tsunami struck in the Indian Ocean, killing 230,000 people in 14 countries, something shifted for him.
Aug 28
What started as a three-week volunteer project in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina turned into a much longer stay for Chandra Linnell, working tirelessly under difficult conditions to bring hope and order into communities that had little of either.