exelis action corps

Dec 10
For decades, veterans and military service members of all ages have faced unique challenges. The volunteers from Exelis Action Corps have been on the front lines, lending their time and expertise to help.
Jan 20
Enjoying a sunny, spring-like day in Washington, D.C., today, public figures, veterans, students and families gathered at Dunbar High School – the country’s first public high school for black students – to transform Martin Luther King, Jr.’s message of unity and community into hands-on volunteer service.
Nov 15
Lindsey Kirksey’s childhood home is falling apart – two of the four rooms are literally separating from each other. As part of a series of volunteer service projects stemming from Veterans Day, soon volunteers will start demolishing the 82-year-old veteran’s house to build him a new one.
Sep 18
As Americans across the country honored the victims of 9/11 last week through volunteer service, Exelis employees deployed across the Washington, D.C., area during three simultaneous events to remember the thousands of military men and women who have sacrificed their lives since the terror attack and to help those who have returned.