Family Volunteer Day

Nov 20
In the mid-1990s, when Mandy Kao began overseeing a number of apartment properties, she was troubled to discover that many tenants – often immigrants and refugees – were struggling with poverty, surrounded by crime and drugs. Mandy her husband, William, took action, later involving their three children.
Nov 19
Ten years ago, a dog in the Miscoe family’s neighborhood was making such a nuisance of itself that the dog’s owner was fined. He was offered the chance to perform community service, instead of paying the fine. He invited the Miscoe kids, and they've been volunteering ever since.
Nov 18
After the birth of her daughter, Lizzie, Heather Jack wanted to become more involved in the community. She hoped her daughter, as she got older, would follow suit. The mom worried that kids were growing up more focused on themselves than others. So she founded The Volunteer Family.
Nov 15
An accidental discovery launched the Konkel family of eight on a journey of community service. Shawn Konkel, the mom, happened upon a building called Maywood Fine Arts in the economically struggling town of Maywood, outside Chicago. Curiosity led her inside and toward a solid commitment to serve.