Featured Daily Point of Light Award Winners

Jan 22
The quick downward spiral James Bailey suffered after mismanaging his fortune lead to the work he does today. Through the Phoenix Leadership Foundation, a nonprofit he co-founded with Blayne Alexander, he’s ensuring that the city’s young black males get the experience and encouragement they need to succeed.
Jan 18

As a kid reading wasn’t fun for Alvin Irby – but it was fundamental. As a former New York schoolteacher he understands the difference that the love of reading has made in his life. His Barbershop Books program brings his passion for reading to young boys by creating small reading areas in urban barbershops.

Jan 08
As a web designer and marketer, Atlanta-based Jeff Hilimire understands the importance of standing out in the digital arena. And he knows that for some nonprofits establishing a cohesive Internet presence can be time consuming and expensive. So, along with his friend and fellow digital marketer Adam Walker, 39, he began reaching out to an expanded network of peers throughout the city.
Jan 01
More than 2.7 million children in the United States have a parent in prison. “There’s such a huge stigma attached to even knowing someone in prison that kids tend to keep the sorrow and pain bottled up inside,” says Dennis Danziger, who, with his wife Amy Friedman, created an outlet for kids with loved ones in prison.