Featured Daily Point of Light Award Winners

Dec 25
When Eric Engelman was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 23, he vowed not to let it slow him down. Twelve years later, Eric has a 7-year-old daughter and a business. Inspired by Eric and guided by a commitment to volunteer service, his entire family has made it a tradition to support the Southern California and Nevada Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.
Dec 18
When Ryan Fann was just 3, he lost his left leg after being hit by a truck while riding his Big Wheel tricycle. The accident didn’t stop this determined little boy, but it wasn’t until an interested coach and an anonymous benefactor outfitted him with a proper prosthesis designed for runners that Fann truly took off. The experience would lead him to co-found the nonprofit Amputee Blade Runners, which offers the same kind of help to other aspiring athletes.
Dec 11
After receiving her master’s degree in international affairs, Annie Eissler got a job at a nonprofit devoted to promoting Africa’s development in education and work skills. Many years later, she would find herself back, virtually, in Africa, doing similar work as a volunteer. But it would take a much-needed career detour and a life-threatening illness to bring her full circle.
Dec 04
A few years ago when Ivan Owen found himself building marionettes, he posted a video of his latest project, a giant mechanical hand with semi-articulated fingers. That post would spark a movement that became known as e-Nable, a global community of inventors dedicated to sharing their efforts to help make affordable prosthetics.