Featured Daily Point of Light Award Winners

Sep 24
The Woods are working through their foundation to give back to the city that has meant so much to them and their children. For their commitment to Chicago's children, they are today's Daily Points of Light Award winners.
Sep 18
Upon seeing photographs of entire communities without access to drinkable water, Carter Jimenez Jenkins – an eighth grader at the time – set out to help, founding Students for Safe Water.
Sep 10
Millions of NFL fans know Victor Cruz as a record-setting wide receiver for the New York Giants. To young people throughout the New York area, Cruz is something more important: a genuine local hero.
Sep 04
After a fire ravaged a forest near his community of Grants Pass, Ore., in 1988, longtime volunteer Ross Roe had a moment of inspiration. Why not recruit Boy Scouts to help replant the trees? The youngsters would learn the fundamentals of tree planting, and the forest would benefit from the good deed.