featured veterans' stories

Nov 12
As a sergeant in the military, Edwin Rodriguez learned this mantra – When you see something wrong you should do something about it. Driven by that mentality, Rodriguez signed up for a term of service with the Veteran Leader Corps, an AmeriCorps program run by Points of Light.
Nov 11
Military families understand the challenges that face veterans who are recovering from war-related traumas, visible or otherwise. Kate Fisher, whose husband served in the Army for 27 years, knew she could help.
Nov 10
John Reynolds had been drafted into the Vietnam War as a combat infantryman, and when he returned home, he had a difficult time transitioning into a career. During subsequent wars, he saw that returning vets had problems similar to those he had faced.
Nov 09
Spending eight hours a day for up to six months in nature offers the time and space to decompress, explains veteran Sean Gobin. Hiking with other veterans – people who understand what you’ve been through – is also critical, he adds.