financial opportunity corps

Feb 07

As millions of refugees around our country and the world continue to strive for safety, freedom and opportunity, there are volunteers who act as points of light on the long and arduous journey to a better life. These volunteers give their time, talent and voice to refugees both at home and abroad, and serve as examples of the ways in which one can get involved.

May 20

Not long after she started a job at a prominent financial services firm, Virginia “Vivian” Fenton began volunteering for Baltimore CASH Campaign, a local nonprofit whose mission is “creating assets, savings, and hope.” Fenton wanted to share valuable lessons she learned from her parents, who emigrated from Montserrat, on the importance of building savings.

Feb 19
For many years, I had planned to become an AmeriCorps member, but it always came a close second after school, work, etc. The reason behind it was that it never seemed like the right time – until it was.
Sep 17
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On Black Friday last year, I gave myself a gift. I walked into the office of the Philadelphia-based nonprofit Clarifi and I paid off my debt early. And then I cried. I cried because just a few years earlier I faced a mountain of credit card bills I didn’t think I would ever pay off. I was scared, ashamed and secretive about my financial situation.