financial opportunity corps

Jun 29
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When Makeda Perryman was getting ready to launch her life coaching business, she never thought that when it came to finances, she might need some coaching herself. But willing to do anything to make her business successful, she signed up for the Financial Opportunity Corps.
Apr 30
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In February, I met Linda R., a divorced mother who works full time as a preschool teacher and part time in a low-wage service job. Linda lives with her adult daughter, who was recently laid off from her job. Linda enrolled in the Financial Opportunity Corps program to get help with managing her household finances. All she needed was some good conversation, a little light and the confidence to get started on the pathway to her goals.
Apr 21
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Erik Murudumbay didn’t need a lecture. He needed help. The 19-year-old college freshman hoped to change his money habits, and he wanted advice while still maintaining control. That’s what he found with the Financial Opportunity Corps.
Nov 24
For Beverly Sanders, living on a budget used to sound like going on a diet: It's the right thing to do, but it’s hard to know where to start. That began to change in early 2014, when friends persuaded Sanders to try a new financial coaching program called the Financial Opportunity Corps, an innovative partnership between Points of Light, the Corporation for National and Community Service and Bank of America.