financial opportunity corps

Jul 11
As a teenager, Sherman Williams experienced the powerful difference one person could make in someone’s life. For him, it was a teacher. Now he is using his expertise in business to help people from low- and moderate-income households achieve financial stability.
Jun 18
Donna Mahon knows financial adversity. In her youth, she worked full time at a bank – and three part-time jobs on the side – to put herself through college. She eventually earned an MBA and achieved a success, but she never forgot the hard work it took to build her career in banking. For the past 25 years Mahon has volunteered her time conducting free financial workshops through a variety of community organizations to help others overcome economic obstacles.
Mar 12
Even with a full-time job, Cat struggled with her finances. But thanks to a financial coach who came to her through the Financial Opportunity Corps, Cat recently created a budget and identified places where she can cut spending and move toward a debt-free future.