Hasbro Community Action Hero Award

Jul 15
"Before KidKnits, prospects weren’t good for a Rwandan woman named Catherine. Widowed in the 1994 Rwanda genocide, the young mother suffered from HIV. Though the Rwandan government provided medicine to treat the condition, she couldn’t take it without food, and she couldn’t afford much food," the Peoria Journal Star article writes in an article highlighting the volunteer work of Peoria, Illinois, teen and Hasbro Community Action Hero Ellie Zika.
Feb 03
We’re looking for volunteers who – even at a young age – are leading, organizing and inspiring others to serve. Nominate a young leader you know for a Hasbro Community Action Hero Award.
Aug 08
Five years ago, when Ethan Cruikshank was 10, he learned that his Virginia school district was eliminating its strings program from the music curriculum. A musician himself, Ethan founded Music To My Ears, a group that recruits accomplished musicians from middle and high schools to volunteer to teach weekly music lessons to elementary school students.
May 23
I challenge everyone that reads this to grab a box and some friends this Memorial Day and fill the box with items you know you would want if you were away from home. You can take the box to a military base near you and ask that it be given to a family that may be struggling or a Veterans’ hospital.