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Mar 12
Even with a full-time job, Cat struggled with her finances. But thanks to a financial coach who came to her through the Financial Opportunity Corps, Cat recently created a budget and identified places where she can cut spending and move toward a debt-free future.
Jan 29
As Hilton Bogotá volunteers planted pine trees, repaired a basketball court, painted picnic tables and more at the nonprofit school Fundación Colegio Nueva Granada during a school day, they had an eager audience.The activities show how Hilton Worldwide brings their employees together to serve the communities in which they live, work and raise their families.
Nov 15
Lindsey Kirksey’s childhood home is falling apart – two of the four rooms are literally separating from each other. As part of a series of volunteer service projects stemming from Veterans Day, soon volunteers will start demolishing the 82-year-old veteran’s house to build him a new one.
Oct 30
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Insurance would cover much of the physical damage Hurricane Sandy dealt to Memorial School in Union Beach, N.J., but it wouldn’t help rebuild the school community. Working with school administrators and Fidelity Investments, Jersey Cares came up with a plan to reunite the Memorial School family.