Natalye Paquin

Nov 01
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There is a steady drumbeat of stories that focus on our differences. No matter how you consume your news, you’ll see or hear stories about intolerance in our daily lives and political stalemates at every level of government. At the beginning of the year, the Pew Research Center released a poll and said that Americans predicted the country’s deep political divisions to persist – with 86 percent saying the country is more politically divided than ever. Shortly before that poll was released, however, Points of Light affiliate New York Cares reported that, just a week after one of the most divisive national elections in our country’s history, there was a 137 percent increase in people who came to them with an interest in volunteering.

Sep 27
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A 60-second scroll on any digital device reveals the clutter of cynicism and spurious claims that we must constantly fight through to find stories about the light of humanity. But, that doesn’t stop us from constantly searching for those inspiring stories. And beyond being inspired, we’re constantly searching for swift and practical ways to work with others – friends, family, neighbors, coworkers – to do good.