Apr 20

For U.S. Army veteran Zack Bazzi, protecting our national security and making sure Americans are safe is an ongoing mission. However, he believes that the solution to keeping our nation safe goes well beyond our borders.

Apr 19
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Though Sam Dooma, director of information technology at Points of Light, spends much of his day managing the technical needs across the organization’s three offices, his time outside of work is dedicated to volunteer work in support of immigrants and refugees.

Feb 15
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In difficult times, we often look to humanitarian groups to support those in need. Since the onset of the refugee crisis, this has certainly been the case in Brazil. To supplement governmental support, which can be quickly overwhelmed by an influx of immigrants, Atados used a project model that revolutionizes the way volunteers become involved in solving social crises.

Feb 14
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In a small canvas tent inside a warehouse in Vasilika, Greece, five shoeless Americans silently huddled with an 8-year-old Syrian refugee and her mother. We were hiding from the Greek police, who had officially banned foreign visitors from entering the refugee camp, inhabited by 1,200 people stranded here after fleeing their countries. Beside me, my wife of three months, Lisa, was shaking with fear; we’d learned that we would be arrested if found inside, but we couldn’t resist visiting the “home” of our new friend, Helena.