Service Enterprise Initiative

Sep 13

Nearly a decade ago, we noticed a troubling trend in California: one out of every three volunteers was leaving their service site within the first six months of their experience. Simply put, California nonprofits were not providing solid recruitment, on-boarding, training and recognition of volunteers. 

Feb 22

The nonprofit sector spends a lot of time agonizing over organizational strategy and how to meet mission with increased demand and fewer resources. Though volunteers seem like an oversimplified solution to the problem, through strategic volunteer engagement, they can be viable and, oftentimes, necessary assets to nonprofit capacity building.

Oct 14
Posted by Robby Montgomery to Service Enterprise Initiative

During a March 2016 Volunteer Summit hosted by New York Cares and NYC Service at UJA Federation in New York City, Paula Gavin, the city's chief service officer announced to a room filled with nonprofits that she wanted to increase the volunteer rate in New York from its current 18 percent to the national average of 25 percent by 2020. Attending this seminar was Points of Light’s Senior Vice President for Strategic Partnerships and Program Expansion Teri Johnson.

Nov 03
Today’s nonprofits face challenges that extend far beyond meeting the needs of their community and clients. Delivering on a mission means cross-sector collaboration, volunteer management, fundraising, performance measurement, and more. To meet these challenges, many nonprofits are turning to Service Enterprise, a strategy that helps nonprofits build their capacity and increase their community impact by maximizing their effective use of volunteers.