Jul 19
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Joseph “Joe” Koch began volunteering at Give Kids The World Village (GKTW) in 1990 and to date has completed more than 20,000 hours at the “storybook” resort for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. A retired postman from Philadelphia, Joe is 83 years young and volunteers three times a week with the charity. A survivor of prostate cancer and four bypass surgeries, Joe decided he wanted to give back and help others who might be fighting life altering illnesses. Over the last 20 years, Joe has volunteered in nearly every role at Give Kids The World—from serving meals in the Gingerbread House Restaurant to operating the Enchanted Carousel to delivering daily gifts to the families.

Jul 09
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Clay Today’s Turning Point comes from guest writer, Clay McMullen, a senior at West Geauga High School in Munson Township, Ohio where he is president and founder of the Wetlands Education Team. 

Jul 04
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Today is a day for Americans to celebrate our freedom, to reflect upon the history of our nation and to honor the brave men and women who continue to protect our freedoms today. We recommitted to be good citizens at our National Conference on Volunteering and Service closing session earlier this June – join with us to be active and engaged citizens.

Jul 02
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Joe BakerToday’s guest post is written by Joseph Baker. He enjoys volunteering in his community, writing, and baking. Read his work at professionalintern.com.