Veterans Day

Nov 09
In this guest blog post, Gen. George W. Casey Jr., former Army chief of staff, writes: "One of the most common pleas I hear as I go around the country is, `I want to help our veterans, but I can't figure out how.' Having worked in the government for 41 years, I can understand that. The government is a big bureaucracy and sometimes it can be hard to help."
Nov 09

Post written by Michelle Nunn, CEO of Points of Light and author of Be The Change.

Over the next five years, more than one million veterans will transition out of the military and rejoin communities and families across America. Many politicians speak of them as people with needs, but that’s only half the picture. 

Our veterans – steeped in discipline, steeled with the hardships of serving in two overseas wars and equipped with vital skills and broadly applicable experiences – offer the nation an extraordinary reservoir of human capital and talent.

How can the nation capitalize on veterans’ talents? Take a look at these three initiatives, led by veterans, for some of the answers.

Nov 11

Barbara Van Dahlen, President of Give an HourToday’s guest post is written by Barbara Van Dahlen, Founder & President of Give an Hour.