Aug 28
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Aniya Wells is one of the most passionate writers you'll ever meet. Though her writing interests run the gamut – from personal finance to health to current events and more – her primary interest is modern higher education. She serves as a reliable online degree guide for students by contributing for www.onlinedegreeprograms.com blog. Don't hesitate to contact Aniya for questions or comments at aniyawells@gmail.com.

Aug 27
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Today's guest post is written by Krisca Te, who works with Open Colleges, the leading provider of TAFE courses equivalent and counselling training in Australia. When not working, she enjoys spending her day with her 4-month old son.

I have a friend who recently asked me why I volunteer my time at a local charity. “If I were you,” he said, “I would have spent my time on the beach. Or take on a second job. In this economy, nobody can afford to volunteer.”

He has a point.

Aug 09

Hammers and rakes and gloves! Oh My! Yes, these were just a few of the tools that Points of Light employees sorted, labeled, and painted on July, 25, 2012, when we volunteered to help with the Atlanta Community Toolbank. Upon entering the toolbank, Points of Light staff received a brief orientation and tour of the warehouse from the Atlanta Community Toolbank’s Master Tool Librarian C.J. Clark. From this orientation, staff members learned about how the toolbank is impacting the surrounding community with its tool loan system.