Volunteer Advice

Nov 25
Whether you’re a budding or longtime volunteer, these resources can get you on your way to developing your own projects with your family, friends and neighbors.
Nov 20
The holiday season is a perfect time to disconnect from the distractions around us and connect with our families through service to others, such as on Family Volunteer Day, Nov. 22.
Jul 22
Having served myself and being married to a U.S. Navy veteran, I have experienced the tough transition process from the military life to a civilian career. And even though we seem to have made it, I can relate to others who are having a hard time adjusting to the change.
May 16
Posted by mmelendez to Volunteer Advice
When my daughter was very young, we visited my grandmother on Fridays. After my grandmother passed away, Fridays felt lonely to us so we spent time delivering Meals on Wheels to residents of a senior living facility. Now I have two more children, and my toddler is on the verge of obtaining a driver’s license. As my children have grown, I recognize that many of our most memorable experiences have been the times we have spent volunteering in our community.