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May 16
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When my daughter was very young, we visited my grandmother on Fridays. After my grandmother passed away, Fridays felt lonely to us so we spent time delivering Meals on Wheels to residents of a senior living facility. Now I have two more children, and my toddler is on the verge of obtaining a driver’s license. As my children have grown, I recognize that many of our most memorable experiences have been the times we have spent volunteering in our community.
Apr 21
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Once involved, volunteers often see they can make a difference – and want to do more. Feeling that pang, longtime volunteer Anne Fisher considered serving on a nonprofit board of directors to make more of an impact on her community. Having no prior board experience, Fisher decided to take part in The Bridge, a Seattle Works program that prepares people for board service.
Mar 14
If you’ve got professional skills you can share to help people in your community, pro bono volunteering may be for you. Investor’s Business Daily recently highlighted the practice by telling the story of Rebecca Fayed, a Washington, D.C.-based lawyer. The article quotes Jackie Norris, head of the Points of Light Corporate Institute (pictured right).
Mar 03
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You care about helping your community and those who are less fortunate. But, how? When it comes to figuring out what you have to offer your community, or one agency in particular, a little self-reflection time should be first on your to-do list.