volunteer management

Oct 16
It’s time to get rid of our volunteer programs. It seems harmless enough, but calling our volunteer activities “programs” often sets them up to compete with our direct service programs. At budget time, it can be hard to allocate scarce dollars to volunteer support because it seems like we are taking them from client support.
Oct 14
Recently, while facilitating a reunion of organizations that participated in a yearlong High Impact Volunteer Engagement project – which included coaching, mentoring and training – I was once again struck by the powerful potential that one strategic change can have on an organization overall.
Aug 12
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The work of young volunteers at Stony Brook, a 204-unit, low-income apartment complex in Alexandria, Va., has invigorated residents, and participation in adult programming is at an all-time high in the community. The youthful enthusiasm that started it all exists in every community, no matter the size or place.
Jul 30
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Want volunteers who are more connected to your organization and the people you serve? One way is to develop a range of interactive experiences for volunteers to participate in before serving your organization. Our church took a group of elementary school children and created an entire summer of activities to develop empathy for others. Many of these activities would work for teens and adults as well.