Volunteer Stories

Jan 29
After interior designer Julie Davis completed a mission trip to Africa five years ago, she knew that she would want to continue helping women and children once back home to Nashville. Thinking about her own expertise and the fact that many of her clients, because they were redecorating, often found themselves with extra furniture and home furnishings, she had an idea.
Nov 16
For the Sjolseth family, giving back is so, well, daily. For the past three years, the family – Erik, 44, Sheila, 40, Everett, 9, and Merritt, 6, have made it a point to give something back and perform acts of kindness every single day.
Nov 06
The year Patti Kirk Gross left Nebraska, where she’d grown up and attended college, she had just suffered through 30 straight days with subzero temperatures. “I said, ‘I don’t care where I’m going, but I’m going,’” she says with a laugh. She ended up in Las Vegas. The decision would change her life.
Oct 30
Newly retired, Wilma Melville decided to spend time training her new German shepherd puppy, Topa, “to do something special,” she says. “I chose disaster search.” The endeavor would eventually lead Melville to found the National Search Dog Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to pairing dogs with first responders in highly trained teams. But, just as in a rescue attempt, obstacles lined her path.