Volunteer Stories

Sep 23
Xavier Elliott has been through more than most 10-year-olds, having spent his first five years living in homeless shelters. This past summer, when he was sitting with his mom as she was sewing some items for veterans’ wives, he said he wanted to make clothes for homeless kids.
Sep 18
Anne Kubitsky’s personal struggles led her to search for life’s deeper meaning. In 2011 on a whim, Kubitsky started leaving blank postcards around her Connecticut town, addressed to herself, with an invitation for the finder to write, draw, tape, cut, paste or sew onto each card something for which he or she was grateful and to put the card in the mail. “It was random – I was looking to connect with other people, to find a glimmer of gladness in a bleak world,” she recalls.
Sep 11
After losing his business partner, Hagay Shefi, during the terror attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001, Jeff Parness says he "wondered every single day how I could commemorate his life."
Sep 08
George Whitehead uncovers young leaders who, without encouragement, might never discover their ability to lead. “Sure, if you join the Boy Scouts you receive leadership training,” says Whitehead. “The same for if you decide to participate in student governance. But if no one steers you in those directions, how do you get there? We want to make sure that those nontraditional candidates don’t fall through the cracks.”