Volunteer Stories

Aug 11
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Patty Bailey loved a Bear. Well, a dog named Bear. An adopted flat-coated retriever/Newfoundland mix, which she traveled from New Jersey to Georgia to find, had what some might describe as a higher calling. “From the moment we picked Bear up he was so full of love and compassion, we just had to share him with others,” says Bailey, of Sparta, New Jersey.
Aug 07
Every week for months now, 17-year-old Grant Mercer has visited a Marietta, Georgia, homeless shelter – not with food or clothing, but with Legos for the kids. "You can make anything you want out of them," he says of the colorful building blocks. "They give young kids the chance to let their imaginations run wild."
Feb 18
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As kids we were transformed by experiences in Haiti and Mexico serving among the poor with our families, and we wanted to create a transformative experience for our three young children, too. Since Matt is a filmmaker we thought, “Let’s make a documentary about people who are doing lasting, transformational change,” and then, “What if we found kids making change?”
Nov 07
Air Force veteran Spirit Padilla never imagined he’d experience joblessness, homelessness and underlying feelings of despair stemming from his military service. But that’s what the last several years had been like for him until recently.