Apr 23

"I volunteer because I want to see real change in our communities," said Michael Thomas, safety for the Miami Dolphins. Dedicated to giving back, he was one of the first NFL players to participate in the First Step Program – an initiative led by Daily Point of Light Award honoree Scott Van Duzer that gives kids and teens the opportunity to engage with community leaders on a regular basis, coming together for casual pick-up games, mentoring and small group discussions on community issues.

Apr 21

For companies, building a culture that connects volunteering to a broader organizational mission can require an intentional and sustained effort to engage stakeholders, creating a strong business case and adopting policies and programs supportive of service. Increasingly, leaders in corporate citizenship are building the skill set and experience to translate the importance of engaging employees in service to the vernacular of an executive boardroom.

Apr 20

If Connie Montana had her way, figuring out how to balance a checking account or improve a credit score would be as commonplace in America’s schools as learning the difference between a metaphor and a simile. For more than two decades, Connie has volunteered to help people improve their financial literacy through one-on-one financial coaching.

Apr 20

For U.S. Army veteran Zack Bazzi, protecting our national security and making sure Americans are safe is an ongoing mission. However, he believes that the solution to keeping our nation safe goes well beyond our borders.