Corporate Engagement Award of Excellence


We know that corporate America has the ability to impact many of the social and civic ills of our society. When looked at strategically, an EVP can become a source of tremendous social progress as the business applies its resources, expertise and insights to activities that benefit society. In 1993, Points of Light created the Corporate Engagement Award of Excellence to honor companies that demonstrate this commitment through the establishment of official workplace policies and who create of a culture that inspires and equips employees to volunteer and make an impact in their communities. Today, Points of Light has honored over 94 companies and is a highly regarded award program in the industry.

About the Award

The term “corporate social responsibility” is often used interchangeably with corporate responsibility, corporate citizenship, social enterprise, sustainability and sometimes corporate ethics. Although names are different, they all lead us down the path to understand the social roles corporations should play and the audience they must “deliver” to. Not only are they stockholders but include employees, consumers, suppliers, communities and society overall. Within this matrix of possibilities the Corporate Engagement Award of Excellence focuses specifically on Employee Volunteer Engagement.

Award Criteria

Over the course of the award program’s lifetime we have seen Employee Volunteer Programs (EVPs) transform into powerful business practices that are leading tremendous social progress. We have seen the traditional EVP transform into a solid business model that, in addition to impacting the community has also proven to be a source of opportunity, innovation and competitive advantage for companies. The criterion builds upon our historical experience and incorporates the innovative protocols and practices demonstrated by EVP’s today. The criterion identifies 7 key practices that are essential to the creation and implementation of a stellar EVP.
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The criteria established for the CEAE represent key framework dimensions for a successful EVP. These practices allow us to see the design and implementation of your EVP from both a macro and micro level and allow you to tell your story more effectively. The practices allow us to see the thinking behind the program and provides context to your initiatives. The new practices provide the format for all kinds of initiatives to be presented. We realize that not all EVP’s are the same and that some companies have restrictions that others do not. Following our new practices allow you to present us with what you have to work with and show how you created an outstanding initiative.

The Practices (Download your copy here):

  • Practice 1 The Plan
  • Practice 2 Measurement
  • Practice 3 Design
  • Practice 4 Leadership
  • Practice 5 Community Partners
  • Practice 6 Employee Communications and Engagement
  • Practice 7 Successes and Learning’s.



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2014 Winning Companies

Congratulations to
for their incredible employee volunteer service programs
that are working to improve communities.

Honorees will also be featured throughout the year on Points of Light websites, invited to participate on special Employee Volunteer Program (EVP) panels and programs presented by Points of Light along with the opportunity to promote the award through press channels.

Learn about the 2014 Corporate Engagement Award of Excellence Honorees.

Judging Committee

Our judging committee is comprised of subject matter experts that bring their experience and knowledge to the review and selection process. Judges serve a three-year term and represent corporate America, non-profit, government, academic and the media industry to review the applications received each year. Committee members review all applications in advance. Then meet in person in Atlanta for a daylong session to review and identify the honorees.