Advice for Nonprofits

Nov 03
Today’s nonprofits face challenges that extend far beyond meeting the needs of their community and clients. Delivering on a mission means cross-sector collaboration, volunteer management, fundraising, performance measurement, and more. To meet these challenges, many nonprofits are turning to Service Enterprise, a strategy that helps nonprofits build their capacity and increase their community impact by maximizing their effective use of volunteers.
Feb 04
Being engaged sets me up as an active participant in supporting and achieving a goal. It means that I have something to contribute. I have a hunch I’m not the only one who prefers being engaged rather than managed, and I think there’s a lesson here about how we approach our work with volunteers.
Jan 29
At UJA-Federation of New York, we wanted to think about volunteer engagement in radically new ways. We knew an important first step to engaging more volunteers at our nearly 100 beneficiary agencies was to invest in the capacity of select organizations to engage volunteers in their critical work.
Jan 21
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“We are a generation that understands the power of rallying around a cause we believe in to make a difference in the world. Join us and see how great it feels to change the world again.” That’s the call to action of a Denver-based nonprofit, Boomers Leading Change in Health. At a recent conference, the organization's managing director provided these tips for engaging boomer volunteers.