Mar 10

During AmeriCorps Week, we celebrate the service of 80,000 AmeriCorps members currently serving communities across the nation, and the service of more than 1 million AmeriCorps alums. As part of this celebration, Points of Light has recognized five outstanding AmeriCorps members who are serving or have served in our programs – each one receiving a Daily Point of Light Award in honor of the impact they’ve made on the communities they serve.

Mar 07
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In celebration of AmeriCorps Week 2017 (March 4-11), we are recognizing the impact of AmeriCorps across America. AmeriCorps Week is a time to salute AmeriCorps members and alums for their service, thank AmeriCorps community partners, and share stories about the impact of AmeriCorps on communities and on the lives of those who serve.

Feb 13
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No, this is not a story about how I met my husband through AmeriCorps. This is a story about how AmeriCorps taught my husband and me to serve each other in marriage. Furthermore, it is about how making service a priority in our home has challenged us to be better stewards to our family, friends and community.
Jan 16
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Think Big. Dig Deep. Make Change. This motto defines our outlook at RISE Egypt, an organization that I co-founded and lead that connects Egyptian social entrepreneurs to a global ecosystem of support to enable, catalyze and scale development in Egypt. As I look back on the past 15 years since I graduated college and served in AmeriCorps, I realize that it has also served as an inner mantra for many years.