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Daily Point of Light 3912, Mike Heike

We know that life is full of lessons. Some we learn the easy way, and some we learn the hard way. Mike Heikes was riding in the front seat of a car in 1982 with one of his friends. Both had been drinking, and Mike was not wearing a seat belt. His friend missed a curve in the road at a high rate of speed, and they were involved in a car accident. The accident occurred the weekend before Mike was due to began college.

Daily Point of Light 3911, Andrea Walker

Andrea Walker has been a dedicated member of the Special Olympics Georgia family for more than a year. She first volunteered for the State Fall Games in 2007. She wanted to become a volunteer and saw that the Fall Games needed help. Andrea traveled from Atlanta, Georgia to Albanay, Georgia - which is quite a distance - to where the games were being held. Not only did Andrea come, but she also recruited her parents to volunteer.

Daily Point of Light 3910, Saint Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

Saint Peter’s Lutheran Church was established in 1843 and soon after the first school was built. St. Peter’s School has grown from a one-room schoolhouse in the early years, to a modern school that educates approximately 100 students in pre-kindergarten through grade eight, each year. St. Peter’s serves several school districts and local Native Americans. St. Peter’s is a parochial school that relies mainly on church donations and competitive, low-cost tuition, to meet all of its instructional and operational costs and expenses.

Daily Point of Light 3909, Penny Henderson

Mrs. Penny Henderson is an extremely valuable volunteer in the United States Army Garrison-Yongsan (USAG-Yongsan) community. She began volunteering for the Army Community Service (ACS) Center in May 2008 and volunteered in other organizations in the community since August 2007.

Daily Point of Light 3908, Marie Alfano

Marie L. Alfano, a case management nurse consultant at Aetna’s Cranbury, NJ, office leads a life of service to her community. Inspired by the work of Barbara Lightner’s organization, Joining Hands, Inc., Alfano founded Children at Heart, Inc., which strives to make reality the dreams of children in need.

Daily Point of Light 3907, John Hall Chevrolet / Ritchey Cadillac Auto Sales For WARM

The salespeople at different auto dealerships participate in an ongoing payroll deduction to provide traditional food, fun, and presents during a holiday celebration for the women and children of project WARM including a Christmas catered dinner for the clients and their extended families.

Daily Point of Light 3906, June Holmes-Sloan

June Holmes-Sloan, a top level career executive, meshes her management skills with her deep love for nursing home patients by managing the Hospice of Volusia/Flagler's North and Central nursing home volunteers. June has been volunteering for over three years and now oversees a group of twenty five volunteers and eighty patients, as well as disseminates information, makes placements, mentors new volunteers, organizes meetings, and encourages others to volunteer.

Daily Point of Light 3905, STARS - Special Team Always Ready with Smiles

Since 1996, the Family Renew community's town Secret Attic Thrift Shop has been supported by the STARS - Special Team Always Ready with Smiles volunteers. The STARS team have committed almost 15,000 hours in just this year alone!

Daily Point of Light 3904, Millie Samples

Millie Samples began interning at the State Attorney Victim Services Program, but she did more than intern. She became a devoted volunteer to the crime victims that she was assisting, contributing many more hours than was required by her internship. Millie's eagerness to learn about advocacy and the criminal justice system quickly resulted in her competency and ability to perform many tasks beyond what would be expected of her as an intern.

Daily Point of Light 3903, Dr. John Canakaris

Dr. John Canakaris has volunteered at the Free Medical Clinic in Flagler County for more than three years. Before Dr. Canakaris, there was no ambulance service, no Embergency Medical Response Team, and no Medical Society. Before Dr. Canakaris, there was no free Medical Clinic!

Daily Point of Light 3902, Hyundai Diversity Action Team

The Hyundai Diversity Action Team is a group of nearly one hundred Hyundai Team Members that donate their time, energy and money to efforts in the Montgomery, Alabama area. Last year, the group completed more than fifteen projects that ranged from literacy to health and hunger/nutrition and shelter. The Diversity Action Team (DAT) made a donation to Habitat for Humanity in Montgomery. This donation assisted Habitat in building a home for an individual in the area in need. Team members donated their time to help build the home from the ground up.

Daily Point of Light 3901, Kiwanis Clubs of Volusia and Flagler Counties

The Kiwanis Clubs of Volusia and Flagler Counties held the First Annual Kids Safety Fair, which was located at six different locations acreoss the county on October 27, 2007. Kiwanian volunteers have been a devoted group for seven years and spend each month contributing a considerable amount of time, money and other resources to the Family Life Center staff and agency.

Daily Point of Light 3900, Wesley and Donna Hankes

Wesley and Donna Hankes devote their time and efforts to Disaster Relief Operaions and Events. They are on-call twenty four hours a day, and seven days a week. They respond to single family fires and assist with whatever is needed on the site. They have been volunteering and assisting the community for two years and have made a tremendous impact in just that short time.

Daily Point of Light 3899, Lisa Doig

Lisa Doig leads a community organization that was established to improve communications and disaster preparedness and response in the Hispanic community in northwest Volusia County in the state of Florida. Working with community leaders, she was the driving force in creating the GCRD in 2007. The GCRD includes members from major groups in the northwest Volusia County area: United Hispanics, Farm Workers Association , Community Foundation, Battered Women Advocates, Catholic Charities, Nation Farm Working Ministry, Volusia County Schools and others.

Daily Point of Light 3898, Kayla Drummond

Kayla M. Drummond has taken part in a variety of volunteer efforts in her Deltona, Florida community. She has served one year as an eighth grade mentor at Heritage Middle School. In addition to mentoring, Kayla is also an active volunteer with the Girl Scouts of America. As a result of her volunteer work, Kayla has been nominated as a Citizen of the Month in the past two years of school. Kayla participates in almost any event that involves community service at Heritage Middle School. She constantly seeks out activities where she can work with people and help others.

Daily Point of Light 3897, Sew Many Memories

Sew Many Memories creates Memory Bears, pillows, and heart shapes for bereaved family members. With the help of hospice counselors, a bereaved individual chooses an article of clothing from a loved one who had passed away and gives it to the group. The group, in turn, lovingly creates a keepsake bear or pillow. Over the past year, this group has made more than one hundred fifty memory items from bowling shirts, pajamas, night gowns, tee shirts, bathing suits, bably blankets and even uniforms.

Daily Point of Light 3896, Gina Marie Incandela

Gina Marie Incandela is a 6 year old girl who donates her time and performances to various charitable organizations and causes on a regular basis. She addressed the community needs for education and awareness of many causes such as autism and cancer. The community and the world are different as a result of Gina's efforts. She touches people in a very special way and draws attention to issues within the community that affect almost all members at some point in time. She uses her voice to reach people that might never have given such issues any thought, if not for seeing and hearing Gina.

Daily Point of Light, Jonece Layne, 3895

While children Jonece’s age prefer playing video games or watching reality TV during their free time. 12 year old Jonece Layne has been of service both in her community and overseas. She started volunteering at Erickson Retirement Communities/Riderwood Village 6 years ago at the age of 6, currently logging over 650 volunteer hours at that facility. She was recognized by that organization as volunteer of the year in 2006, having volunteered the most hours and being the youngest volunteer.

Daily Point of Light, Clearwater Xtreme Teens Program,3894

The Clearwater Xtreme Teens impacted the community of Prince George's County through their dedicated efforts to support the environment. Last year, 104 Xtreme Teen Volunteers contributed more than 3,600 hours to meet the needs of the community. The Xtreme Teen Volunteers understood that the community needs to work together to help save our environment. They also realize the need for teens to be role models to their peers so citizens can begin getting involved with their community before they are adults.

Daily Point of Light, Santino Rosanova, 3893

Santino Rosanova was a high school senior at DeMatha Catholic High School in 2007 when he began looking for a way to fulfill his volunteer service requirements for graduation. He looked in his community and found areas that could improve services to the residents of Hyattsville. This led to a weekly service project that still continues today. Santino identified a lack of social contact with the senior and disabled population in this area in Prince George's County.

Daily Point of Light, Rachel Rene Moore, 3892

Rachel Moore has been volunteering at the Red Cross for six years. She has contributed ninety-six hours each month every June, July and August and twenty hours weekly during times of disaster like the February 2007 tornado, the November 2007 tornado, Hurricane Katrina and more. Rachel's activities have been centered around the Disaster Services program. Her duties have included serving meals from the Emergency Response Vehicles, responding to home fires with the Disaster Action Team Members, and working as the copy person.

Daily Point of Light, Great Kids Explorer Club, 3891

In 2001 several community-minded volunteers, experienced in working with neighborhood at-risk children created Great Kids Explorer Club - an innovative early intervention program that targets at-risk students from kindergarten through fifth grade. The group sought to bridge the gaps they saw between the efforts of schools and parents and to address ongoing issues that impeded the success of the community’s children, especially the low income ones.