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Daily Point of Light 3954, Jody Fazzano

Jody Fazzano is a licensed clinical social worker with a Master's degree in social work, as well as being qualified to counsel people with substance abuse issues. In addition, Jody formerly was a news producer for the local ABC affiliate, channel 6 in Providence, RI. Jody has continued her work in the social/clinical area as an independent case worker. To say that she maintains a busy schedule would be an extreme understatement.

Daily Point of Light 3953, Joan Mulloney

Joan is a relentless animal rescuer, and spends quite a lot of time assisting in the rescue, care, and placement of homeless dogs and cats, using her own resources. When you can’t find anyone else to help, Joan tries to be there. She assisted recently with the transport of a dog listed on “Dogs in Danger” to a safe haven in another state. She offered to pay the veterinary expenses for a disabled man’s cat, and has taken an elderly Shar Pei into foster care in her own home after the dog’s story was emailed to her.

Daily Point of Light 3952, The Huscroft Family

Four years ago, while leaving for the Kentucky Derby, the Huscroft’s first heard the story of thoroughbred racing champion Afleet Alex and his connection to a little girl named Alex Scott. Alexandra “Alex” Scott (1996-2004) was the creator of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. When Alex was only 4-years-old, she voiced a simple wish, she wanted to hold a lemonade stand to raise money to help find a cure for all children with cancer.

Daily Point of Light 3951, Shelby Kelley

Everyday I see people in need, they are walking down the street, there are 2 and 3 families living in one house. Families of 5 and 6 living in one bedroom apartments, there are no jobs, life is hard. I am not rich nor is my family, however if we have a dollar or $5 we help someone. It’s just how it should be love your neighbor. How many paychecks are you from, hungry, cold, or homeless? Think about it ½ of Americans are only a few paychecks from just that so we have to help when you can.

Daily Point of Light 3950, Zach and Thomas Eller

This is story is about Zach and Thomas Eller's volunteer work: We have always loved animals and have gotten dog food for our birthdays instead of presents. We started volunteering for a pet rescue organization and wanted to do more, so we baked the dogs some biscuits. We sold them at the pet adoptions and gave the money to help with fostering expenses. From there, our business grew and we have been able to donate almost $8,000. to pet rescue.

Daily Point of Light 3949, Ellen Dean

Please read the following narrative about volunteer, Ellen Dean. Ellen Dean addresses the need to educate new generations of children to the age old use for books. Opening their minds to another way of learning that does not include television or computers. She helps them sharpen their reading skills therefore indirectly helping them overall in the whole school experience. Which will benefit them as they grow older and advance to each grade.

Daily Point of Light 3948, Skiffytown League of Heroes

Please read about a "super" group of volunteers, Skiffytown League of Heroes, superheroes helping charities. Skiffytown League of Heroes (SLOH) began when a group of comic book enthusiasts, (sixty so far and counting), began talking to each other over the internet. As we discovered we loved the lessons from the superheroes we read about and wanted to bring those same values to the real world around us with characters of our own creation.

Daily Point of Light 3947, SCS HelpLine Volunteers

The SCS HelpLine Volunteers, are an extraordinary group of volunteers who show daily their commitment to community involvement and to Texas A&M University and their fellow Aggies. They are active members of an invaluable, life-saving program on campus and the selflessness shown by them speaks volumes about their character.

Daily Point of Light 3946, Richard Miles

Please be inspired by Richard Miles’ story of service. I first came across HorsePower at my college in New Hampshire. Once I got started in the program I found that I liked volunteering my services for this program. What motivated me to continue volunteering at this Program for all 4 years of my college career was the changes I got to see in the people riding the horses.

Daily Point of Light 3945, Florence Phillips

Florence G. Phillips, a former Peace Corps and VISTA volunteer, is the founder/director of the ESL (English as a Second Language) In-Home Program of Northern Nevada. Her innovated efforts in education over the last five years have positively impacted a great number of people living in five Northwest Nevada counties. Florence saw the problem facing many immigrants --- they cannot speak English and desperately want to learn, but for a variety of reasons are unable to attend formal classes.

Daily Point of Light 3944, Nadia Serhani

Poverty can lead to unthinkable things…. and hopelessness worse. After returning from a military training camp where I met a lot of Iraqi refugees, I could not sit and watch as the world goes hungrier and poorer.

Daily Point of Light 3943, Melissa Wall and Robin Moylan

Please read Melissa Wall & Robin Moylan's story of service: Dr. Harben was our vet for 3 years and we saw a strong need to further assist him in any way we could. He has a thriving practice with one vet tech. Both extremely kind and willing to educate anyone that walks into there office, we found out that he had throat cancer in early 2008.

Daily Point of Light 3942, Mary Brummet

Be inspired to serve after reading Mary Brummet’s volunteer story: I volunteer at Council on Aging's Adult day care weekly and encourage other Chain Reaction volunteers to do the same. I serve on the Board of Directors for Council on Aging. I am the President of Chain Reaction (the local teen volunteer center) I serve on the Chain Reaction Advisory Council that meets once a week to better the program.

Daily Point of Light 3941, Mary Ferguson

Please read an inspiring volunteer story about Mary Ferguson, RN.: Ms. Mary Doris Ferguson, RN - a resident of our lovely city of Chesapeake, lives in and cares for our community with such a big heart! Mary Doris Ferguson has been a Chesapeake resident and a nurse for 48 years and is a very much-involved member of our community. After the disasters of 9/11, President Bush challenged all Americans to volunteer in support of our country. The Medical Reserve Corps started as a “call to action” for Americans to volunteer – Mary Doris responded.

Daily Point of Light 3940, Lovely Frantz

Please enjoy Lovely’s story of service: We were not able to have anything the Christmas 0f 1999. My mother, a friend and I went to the mall and have seen the guard standing for the Toys' For Tots' organization in Michigan. I have a letter for Santa Clause for I am only 7 years old at that time.

Daily Point of Light 3938, Francesca Enea

Francesca Enea is a junior student athlete for the University of Florida. Her passions fall somewhere between volunteering within the community and playing softball. She is an active member of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) and weekly mentors a middle school student with the Camp Gator program.

Daily Point of Light 3937, Kennedy Kulish

Please read Kennedy Kulish's inspirational volunteer story: I raise money for children with special hearts and defects on behalf of my awesome baby brother Kaeden who was born with a very special heart. I volunteer because I can and because it feels sooooooooo awesome and because there are alot of kids that are in need of help that are not healthy like my Kaeden is now and I have awesome special friends that want to help me to help them.

Daily Point of Light 3936, Jason Watkins


Daily Point of Light 3935, Gary Maxworthy

This is a Gary Maxworthy's story of service: "After my wife passed away I wanted to give back and volunteered for Vista the domestic peace corps. because of my life experience in the food industry they got me involved in Food Banking. After my one year with Vista I continued to work with Food Banks in California which I have been doing now for 14 years. In 1999 I came up with the idea of accessing fresh produce and distributing it to people in need. Initially to 11 Food banks in N. California. Up to that time Food banks had focused on cans and boxes to distribute.

Daily Point of Light 3934, Arlan Berglass

After volunteering for 211 Arlan realized that there just are not enough social service organizations to go around. It occured to Alan that we can do everything we want to do (with virtually no money) if people just stepped up and realized that they can make a positive difference in other peoples lives.