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Immerse Yourself in Service While in New York City

Join us at this year’s conference to immerse yourself in service and all that it has to offer. One group of sessions happening during the conference - Immersion Learning Sessions - offer conference participants the opportunity to venture into New York City for first-hand learning experiences. While visiting locations where service happens everyday, you can intensively explore issues alongside local leaders and topic experts. These sessions provide an opportunity to see service in action in New York City!

Volunteer Opportunities

The conference co-conveners are actively recruiting volunteers to help carry out the work of the conference on-site! Those who commit to volunteer for at least one four-hour shift during the three-day event may register to attend other all-conference sessions for just $175.

Signing up to volunteer is easy:
1. Register by clicking here.
2. Select "I would like to volunteer at this conference."
3. Fill out the requested information.

Daily Point of Light #4228, Rich Mullins

Rich Mullins has volunteered with the Big Brothers/Big Sisters for the last 29 years. As a Big Brother mentor to eight young men, Mullins has been a male role model in their lives. With weekly one-on-one visits with each child for several years, Mullins assisted the children with their homework and social skills. Because the children’s families could not afford the luxury of a vacation, each child was included in vacation trips with Mullins’ family.

Daily Point of Light #4226, Ashraya Ananthanarayanan

At an age when most children are discovering their gifts, Ashraya Ananthanarayanan is using her’s to change the world. Only 8 years old, Ashraya has already helped people, animals, and the environment. Her work shows us that anyone can take action to change the world. Since the age of four, Ashraya has been using her gifts of music, dance, and the written word to affect change upon the world. Her first trick was raising funds for underprivileged kids in India at age four.

New York, Here We Come!

New York has much to offer conference participants, and we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of attractions, tips and tricks to help you make the most of your time in the city and suffer minimal headaches!

Daily Point of Light #4332, Maryella Morley

Maryella Morley is a volunteer who assists women in transition.  She helps women achieve goals in various fields, including higher education, career advancement, financial self-sufficiency, and small business ownership.  She addresses a very important community need.  By assisting women with decreased life and social skills, lack of education, and underemployed circumstances, she has helped them achieve their own goals to provide not only for themselves but also for their families.

Daily Point of Light #4225, Anna Wherry

Planting the seeds of community is something for which 17 year-old Anna Wherry has a passion.  In addition to attending high school and volunteering with the Baltimore Medical System, Anna has been working to make life in the United States easier for a group of Bhutanese refugees. Anna has worked to introduce urban farming techniques to members of a refugee community in Baltimore, whose citizens suffer from insufficient access to food. After meeting Khada Nanda Upret, a Nepali refugee from Bhutan, Anna discovered that many Bhutanese refugees grew up surviving on their crops. 

Daily Point of Light #4331, Karen Benson

Karen Benson is a key member in the Missouri State Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster. She also is a case advocate with the United Methodist Committee on Relief.   Not only does Karen have a passion for helping populations at their greatest time of need, after disaster strikes, she also helps the state of Missouri develop a strong disaster case management training platform, which aids individuals to serve disaster areas efficiently and effectively.

Daily Point of Light #4223, Jeannie Gallina

When people are in an impossible situation, they look for someone to lead them out of their circumstance. However, not even Jeannie Gallina suspected what she could do to help the people of Clay County, FL. By founding The Way Free Medical Clinic, Jeannie found a way to provide healthcare for those with no other resources. Many people in Clay County, Florida were living without access to affordable healthcare or health insurance. Despite being employed, it was not an affordable option for them.

American Express Nonprofit Leadership Academy - DEADLINE EXTENSION

Points of Light Institute and the Corporation for National and Community Service are pleased to offer the American Express Nonprofit Leadership Academy at the 2010 National Conference on Volunteering and Service. The Leadership Academy, developed and delivered by the Center for Creative Leadership, will offer a limited number of growing leaders in the volunteering and service sector an opportunity to participate in a feedback-intense learning experience which including hands-on activities to enhance leadership capacity.

Daily Point of Light #4216, Catherine Aker

Not all meals are created equal. This is especially true for young children in homeless shelters. Seeing this, Catherine Aker, a shy high school junior, stepped out of her comfort zone, and started The Stone Soup Kitchen to teach homeless kids in her community proper nutrition so they can grow up healthy and strong. While volunteering at a local homeless shelter, Catherine noticed the kids had a poor diet. Although they were getting sufficient calories for their young bodies, it was mostly from junk food, even when healthier food was available.