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Help HandsOn Network Reach Out to Disaster Impacted Regions

HandsOn Network is actively reaching out to our affiliates who are in the disaster impacted regions from the recent domestic tornadoes and flooding.

Treats for 2011 NCVS

Today's post is from the National Conference on Volunteering and Service blog written by Delores Morton, Vice President of HandsOn University, published on

Change Notes: Federal Budget



Daily Point of Light #4465 Jennifer Burrell

One of the great axioms of service is that young people who volunteer will go on to incorporate service into their lives forever more. Youth service and service learning therefore benefit communities for years and years afterwards.

What’s Your Story?

Corporate responsibility, including volunteerism, has a significant impact on overall corporate reputation, driving up to 50 percent of consumer decisions*.

Daily Point of Light #4464 Donna Johnson

“This experience has been very rewarding. My family and co-workers often turn to me for help and advice on safety-related subjects. I have even held a family safety meeting to help prepare for any upcoming disaster.”

A Tale of Two Girls, a Gator, and a GPS

This post comes from Lori Jean Mantooth and Patricia Thompson of

Daily Point of Light #4463 Jackie Coleman-Turley

Jackie and Aliceya

For 9-year-old Aliceya, a world of activities has opened up. For Jackie Coleman-Turley, it has been the time of her life.

Celebrate Earth Day 2011!

Today is Earth Day!

Daily Point of Light #4275 Sheila Cope

Sheila would probably say that volunteering saved her life.

Daily Point of Light #3739 Edith Harvey

“When you volunteer, you think about others needing help and forget about yourself. By helping others, you help yourself.”

Dozens Turn Out at the Start of National Volunteer Week for the Animals at Catskill Animal Sanctuary

Last week was National Volunteer Week - a week in which volunteers were recognized and promoted.  The week was not just about recognition, but also gave people the opportunity to engage in service as well. Today's post features one of the many great volunteering projects that occurred during National Volunteer Week.

Daily Point of Light #4462 Caliopie and Adam Walsh

This is a love story, between two volunteers and between those volunteers and the people of New Orleans. It began in 2006, a few months after the effects of Hurricane Katrina had devastated New Orleans and other parts of the Gulf Coast. Caliopie moved from New York to volunteer with HandsOn New Orleans for three months.

Daily Point of Light #4451 Zach Maurin

“My year of service with AmeriCorps was life-changing. It had an impact on me and the children with whom I worked that is difficult to summarize.”

Rachel Ley Volunteers on Global Youth Service Day

Today is Global Youth Service Day. Global Youth Service Day occurs annually in over 100 countries to celebrate and mobilize youth who improve their communities each day of the year through service and service-learning.

Daily Point of Light #4442 Richard Goldsmith

For National Volunteer Week we highlight extraordinary people who are making a meaningful difference in others lives.  Richard Goldsmith is a true "Point of Light" and one who has made significant impact in his community and school system.

Daily Point of Light #4427 Justin Mostert

For the past four years, Mr. Justin Mostert, Protocol Officer for the Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division, Newport, has volunteered countless hours as a Scoutmaster for Troop 82 in Portsmouth, RI.

Daily Point of Light #4459 Michael Foster

“This single act of providing every student with a bag of food on Fridays was a God-send in more ways than one. We did not have to single out a student or family. Our students and parents may be poor, but they are proud. (This) act of kindness helped eliminate the haves and have-nots.”

Daily Point of Light #4458 Michael B. Petras Jr.

The lives of 80 students from a Cleveland, OH, inner-city high school are being transformed, thanks to the support of Michael B. Petras, President and CEO of GE Lighting.

Daily Point of Light #4457 John Vera and #4475 Bill Torres

John (left) and Bill (right) in Haiti

“It was a life-changing experience…you look at life in a different way after these missions.”

Daily Point of Light #4455 Matthew Clark

In the United States, 49 million Americans still do not have access to adequate food, and more than a third of them are children.

What are the Emerging Workplace Trends for the Decade Ahead and How Do These Trends Affect Volunteering?

Over the next decade, a rapidly changing society is creating a drastically different workplace than the traditional work setting to which many have become accustomed.  The following workplace trends, according to

Lynette McIntire of UPS Reflects upon the Tribute Event

Today's blog post comes from the upside blog, written by Lynnette McIntire with UPS, published on March 30, 2011.