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Daily Point of Light #4583 Kenneth Trinh

Kenneth Trinh, of Oakland, CA is a leader motivating others to create change in their communities.

News Flash: Looking to MLK Day

As we celebrated the anniversary of Dr.

Hurricane Irene Recovery

Hurricane Irene flooding into Asbury Park, N.J., Aug. 28.

Daily Point of Light #4581 Krystal Muccioli

Ever since Krystal Muccioli was 4 years old she wanted to help others. At 6 years of age while walking in NYC she saw a homeless lady sitting in the rain and wanted to help her.  Krystal insisted on going to the grocery store and buying the homeless lady plastic bags to keep her dry.

Daily Point of Light #4580 Tim Jones

The Savannah area struggles with an unusually low high school graduation rate as well as high rates of juvenile delinquency. The Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Coastal Empire organization works hard to combat these issues by supplying positive role models for youth in the community.  This organization is a donor and volunteer supported mentoring program for youth, providing needed support to fostering growth.

Daily Point of Light #4579 Donneth Wedderburn

Donneth Wedderburn is a special person because of her selflessness.

Daily Point of Light #4578 James Festi

James Festi in the 2011 Walk a Mile in her Shoes Fundraiser

Advocating for Unseen and Unheard Homeless Children

Today’s guest post is written by Addie Ellis, an advocate for children experiencing homelessness. Her passion is service to others.

What’s a BTweetathon?

This article is written by Claire & Estelle, two summer interns at Building Tomorrow.

Ladling Service

Today’s post is written by Joseph Baker.  He graduated from Indiana University and holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management.

Daily Point of Light #4573 Lebanon Police Volunteers

Carl VanDee receives the Civilian Volunteer of the Year award from Lebanon Police Chief Thor Dahle.

How Volunteer Work Can Save the Young Unemployed

Today's post is written by Alvina Lopez, a freelance writer and blog junkie, who blogs about accredited online colleges. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: alvina.lopez

International Youth Day 2011

This video was created by Unicef last August to highlight youth all over the globe for the kick off of the International Year of Youth- a year to harness the energy, imagination and initiative of the world’s youth in overcoming the challenges facing humankind, from enhancing peace to boosting economic development.

Daily Point of Light #4569 Taryn Davis

Taryn was about to graduate from college in 2007 when her husband/soulmate was killed by a roadside bomb.  At the age of 23 she became a military widow. She felt lost and totally alone.

Change Notes: Volunteering in America


Daily Point of Light #4568 Barbara Drake

In Salt Lake City seniors and retirees take an active role in shaping the community.  Barbara Drake is one of these speci

Daily Point of Light #4567 Ross Ogden

Ross Ogden receiving the National Harriman Award 2010

Save Service on August 10

Today's post comes from our CEO of Points of Light Institute, Michelle Nunn.

Back-to-School Service Learning

With summer over and school back in session, there are great activities that can occur in the classroom that emphasize social responsibility.  If you don’t currently have service learning projects in your curriculum suggest one t

Remember to say "Thank You" to Volunteers

Summer volunteering is almost over, it's time for kids to head back to school, and parents back to work.  Now is a great opportunity for organizations to continue engagement with those summer volunteers by thanking them for their great work.

Daily Point of Light #4563 Tara Lawrence

In 1992 at ten years old Tara Lawrence lost her grandfather to prostate cancer. She was devastated. Tara began volunteering at her local American Cancer Society to honor her grandfather.

Daily Point of Light #4562 Lee Hay

Lee Hay is a volunteer for the Hockanum Valley Community Council, Inc, a private non-

Daily Point of Light #4561 The Ryan Family

The Ryan family believes in giving back to others.  It is a value that permeates the family's life.  Parents Linda and Sean are both very involved in the community and have influenced their sons to give back as well.